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    Im Sry to say this but if you read System Requirements you will see it says Windows XP/Vista(Only)
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    yeah, but most if windows systems are more or less backward compatible. i mean, there's always a way to run an older application on newer system.
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    And another Fail with shaun white snowboarding for PC. PATCH IT!
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    nextgen game uncompatible with intel core I7 hyper treading, it's a joke? Do your job Ubisoft. Fix it.
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    Uhm, it's march 2011 now.
    I bought this game because I think it looked pretty nice. But I can't run the game. I'm sure my computer has all the specs.
    But i've got an i7.
    Please Ubisoft, do something about this problem.
    I want to play this game....
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    Actually im in a completely diferent situation, im running vista home basic x86, and i installed it, no problem, then i loaded it up then it reads ' shaun white snowboarding has stoppd responding,it wont let me run compatibility mode on it, what shall i do?

    ps. im 11 yrs old!
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    i start the game and game is updating after that game not starts
    I have win7 64bit
    i am 12 years old
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