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The first time you run the game, the autopatcher checks for updates before the activation request kicks in, provided the autopatch updates ok, the DRM is removed and you then no longer are asked to activate the game.
You should only need to manually patch if the autopatch fails.

PC downloadable content: The Fortunes pack is here

SERVERS/Online/Map Making

Servers issues
Far Cry 2 Server Downtime and Issues
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Far Cry Map Making Forum


Q:Where is my Online Key?

A:Your Online Key is the CD Key that is the code on the back of the Manual that came with your game. Make sure you do not mix up letter's such as "0" (zero) and "O" (the letter).

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Minimum Requirements
Ports used for Online Play

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Working Windows 7 fix (Home Premi/Ultimate or what ever)
UNS EasyAdmin v1.01 with PB Rcon integrated commands
FC2 Server Launcher Extender UPDATE: Dec 12, 2009 - Version 2.0.07 Available
[PC] Running a Server: Custom maps on Ranked - Port Info - PB/admin Info


Far Cry 2 PC Feedback/Bug Report

Map Editor Bugs & Issues Patch list
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[Europe] Inte i7 Competition Apology