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    Okay so here's the plan... I'm heading across the globe, from New Zealand through Amateria, into Edanna, past Voltaic (in case i get stuck again) and am heading to Birmingham England in June/July 2011.
    I have been to Manchester and London previously and am keen to hear from anyone out in the worlds beyond Myst... my plan is to visit Brimingham, Manchester, London, Eireland, Scotland and hopefully France... anyone have any contacts friends recommendations of good pubs, etc that I can visit?
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    Is anyone silly enough to offer him a couch? LOL
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    Hey Emmex, have you checked the links to your galleries lately ?
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    Lost worlds - lost art

    Yeah they disappeared months ago nanouk - I have searched many places - links - old computers and cd's but the original files were lost on a dead hardrive and were never backed up (well they were on HERE so I wasn't that worried - who would have thought that our forum wouldn't last forever.
    maybe the great whstrolm can shed some light to where they might be:

    By the way - had a brilliant time with AMM and RAS and the girls - they spoiled us rotten - JollyJones decided to leave the country before I got there LOL and I ran out of time and money so never made it to Belgium

    I must win Lotto!!
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