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    4/JG53 is activley seeking pilots of any skill level for multiple roles. Fighter sweeps, ground pounding, torp runs. We are active in many theatres (zekes/wildcats, spits/109s) Also the long anticpated Ghost Skies "solomons" cmpgn. has begun. PM for questions.
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    Solomons wrapped up, shipping back to 1944 France. Ghost skies campaign starts after Need fighter and ground pounder pilots. PM for details
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    Tired of flying alone? Lone wolf tactics taking you down a dead end street? Want to fly IL2 UP3 under the most gruelling settings? Want to see how good you really are in team based tactics? JG53 has just started a new phase on the western front ( '44 winter) on the Ghost Skies server, always glad to see pilots of all skills apply.

    We are a friendly squad who are willing to help newer pilots evolve into better pilots.

    TS3 and UP3 a must. PM for details.
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    france '44 winding down, italy will start soon after. relaxed group looking to add to our ranks. pm for info.
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    Recruitng for CLOD

    now recruiting for CLIFFS of DOVER. After a series of patches and modded servers the game has finally come into its own. still a few bugs but very cool. pilots of any skill level, any axis plane, pm for details
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    recruiting for cliffs over dover....still

    are you still flying alone in the sky over the channel? still getting outnumbered? still getting bounced by pesky spits? our sqd. has the answer. team work and tactics. we are usually on the ATAG server and TS nightly. 109s and 110s the norm. pm fro details.

    Cliffs over Dover is a great game and has a 3rd party mod on the horizon from ATAG.
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