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    Rocksmith Guitar & Bass DLC Band Wishlist

    Hello all!
    Please post all of the Bands you are hoping for as DLC on Guitar & Bass here for all Consoles. Alphabetizing your lists is a plus! Because of the amazing amount of Feedback you have given let's keep it strictly to Bands and not songs.
    Any new DLC Topics will be closed.
    Rock On
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    In the heavy metal category, I would buy everything from Blaze Bayley. Especially his last album, Promise and Terror. I don't know a lot a people who knows this band. Lets everybody discover it through Rocksmith!!!
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    AC/DC - all. Like Thunderstruck. Learning how to play AC/DC tracks with RS would be great.

    Pink Floyd "Money"
    the Police - all
    Rush - all
    Van Halen - best of
    80s pop, see billboard top 10 charts
    Blues, Jazz
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    ignoring licensing issues, here's my album/song wishlist in this order:
    artist : album : song (if only i have to choose just 1)
    jimi hendrix : axis bold as love : if 6 was 9
    megadeth : rust in peace : tornado of souls
    john sykes : --- : cautionary warning
    black sabbath : paranoid : war pigs
    the beatles : the beatles : while my guitar gently weeps
    danzig : --- : snakes of christ
    pearl jam : --- : even flow

    ... and any track by dream theatre, satriani, vai, yngwie and/or eric johnson as my personal rocksmith holy grail.
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    A Christmas song pack would be nice! Also the following:

    Layla - Eric Clapton
    Cocaine - Eric Clapton
    Samba Pa Ti - Santana
    Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
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    AC/DC - Touch Too Much
    Billy Squier - The Stroke
    Buckethead - Soothsayer
    Dio - Holy Diver
    Dream Theater - Another Day
    Iron Maiden - Fear of the dark
    Kansas - Dust in the Wind
    Metallica - Fade to Black
    Steppenwolf - Born to be wild
    Velvet Revolver - Fall to pieces
    Twisted Sister - I wanna Rock
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    Some Brian Setzer, even Stray cats
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    Bring out the guitar driven Blues

    Buddy Guy
    BB King
    Jimi Hendrix

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    30 Seconds to Mars-The Kill
    30 Seconds to Mars-The Fantasy
    30 Seconds to Mars-This Is War
    30 Seconds to Mars-From Yesterday
    30 Seconds to Mars-Edge of the Earth
    30 Seconds to Mars-Night of the Hunter
    30 Seconds to Mars-R-Evolve
    30 Seconds to Mars-Search and Destroy

    My Chemical Romance-I Don't Love You
    My Chemical Romance-I'm Not Okay
    My Chemical Romance-Na Na Na
    My Chemical Romance-The End/Dead!
    My Chemical Romance-Helena
    My Chemical Romance-Thank You For The Venom
    My Chemical Romance-Famous Last Words
    My Chemical Romance-Teenagers
    My Chemical Romance-Mama
    My Chemical Romance-The Ghost of You
    My Chemical Romance-Vampire Money
    My Chemical Romance-The Kids from Yesterday

    Muse-Knights of Cydonia
    Muse-MK Ultra
    Muse-Micro Cuts

    Jimmy Eat World-Pain
    Jimmy Eat World-The Middle

    James Durbin-Stand Up
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    Hmmm so much good songs to choose from!

    Most requests are for electric guitars so how about a few for classic guitars?

    My favorite guitar piece ever:
    Spanish Romance - Jeux interdits
    Favorite interpret(Milos):

    If people want a challenge:
    No. 5 Asturias

    Other classics:
    Beatles - Black bird
    Extreme - More than words
    Led Zeppelin - Stairways to heaven
    Eric Clapton - Tears in heaven

    EDIT: Forgot one very good one(imo)
    Sting - Shape of my Heart ... Seriously i'd pay 10$ just for this song lol.

    There are so many more but lets change to other styles and guitar type now.


    Metalica - Nothing else matters - Too much to list really ^^
    System of a down - Toxicity - Chop Suey - Aerials
    AC/DC - all
    Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Arpeggios From Hell(crazy hard hehe)

    Black Metal:

    Dethklok - all but if i had to choose: Awaken and Go Forth and Die
    Dark Mirror ov Tragedy - Angel's Ascension
    Dawn of tears - Mr. Jarrod - Cadent Beating
    Tvangest - Fire In Our Hearts - Storm
    Ordalion - Serye Ptitsy
    Eyes of Noctum - Venomous Desire - Eyes of Noctum
    Arrival - Under The Cloak Of Darkness
    Winterhorde - Farewell

    Other styles:

    Dream Theatre - I Walk Beside You
    OneRepublic - Stop And Stare

    EDIT: Forgot The Police - Roxanne

    There are a lot more but nothing on top of my mind

    Did find a link with a list of 100 popular riffs:

    Hope this helps.
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