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    Faith no More - Epic, striptease, etc
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    reddragonhrcro's Avatar Senior Member
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    -Deep Purple
    -ZZ Top

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    I know no-one is gonna read mine but id really like to see Some Ratt , Queen, ZZTOP, dragonforce and just so much more bands like these... I hope to see more great classics!
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    new music

    would love to see some country if possible but would really like some old rock a classic like johnny b. goode or the eagles take it easy some creedance clearwater revival or the beatles . more of the rock that inspired or evolved into todays rock even some elvis would be cool
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    i want
    bullet for my valentine
    rob zombie
    and three days grace =D
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    Theyve probably already been listed, but the 3 bands i'd like to see added are:

    Evanescence - (which i think already has a song we can download)
    Empathic - (Especialy their song "Put Down the Drink" )
    Metalica - (definantly would love to learn how to play along to "One")

    Oh, and i just got Rocksmith today!! first time ever playing an actual guitar (that isnt rockband) and im finaly doing something ive wanted to do for years.. learn how to play!.. just hope at 30.. its not to late to learn XD
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    Steel_Nirvana's Avatar Senior Member
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    It's never too late! You'd be surprised how many of us around here are well into our 40s, and even 50s.
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    i was watching the 7 nation army video and , i had to come here and ask for more white strips please

    Thank you
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    Pink Floyd - All are great, most of them have been listed here, but I would really like to play "Wish you were here"
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