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    plzz dio's rainbow in the dark never gets the respect it deserves
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    No doubt some of these may have already been said but that just gives them all the more reason to be a DLC
    Just keeping this short and simple, there's so much music out there its hard to be able to list it all.

    Alice In Chains - Man In The Box

    Allman Brothers Band - Midnight Rider

    Audioslave - Cochise

    Bobaflex - Bury Me With My Guns

    Dire Straights - Sultans of Swing

    Eric Clapton -
    Wonderful Tonight

    George Thorogood and The Destroyers - One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

    Guns N' Roses -
    Paradise City
    Sweet Child O' Mine

    Jane's Addiction - Just Because

    Jeff Beck - I Ain't Superstitious

    Jimi Hendrix -
    Hey Joe
    Little Wing

    Joe Satriani -
    Always With me, Always With You
    Satch Boogie

    Judas Priest - You've Got Another Thing Comin'

    Korn -
    All In The Family
    Coming Undone
    Reclaim My Place
    Right Now
    Y'all Want A Single

    Living Colour - Cult Of Personality

    Nirvana -
    All Apologies
    Smells Like Teen Spirit

    Ozzy Osbourne -
    Crazy Train
    I Don't Know

    Pearl Jam - Alive

    Pink Side Of The Moon - Money

    Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls

    Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble -
    Cold Shot
    Pride and Joy
    Rude Mood

    Rage Against The Machine -
    Bulls on Parade
    Guerilla Radio

    Red Hot Chili Peppers -
    Higher Ground
    Soul To Squeeze

    Redlight King - Old Man

    Steely Dan - Reelin' In The Years

    Stone Temple Pilots -

    Sublime - Santeria

    Sum 41 - Fat Lip

    Van Halen -
    Hot For Teacher

    ZZ Top -
    Can't Stop Rockin'
    La Grange

    311 -
    Beautiful Disaster
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    Yeah, I've got a BIG list of songs that I'd like to play with Rocksmith, so here it is.

    The All-American Rejects - Move Along

    Blink-182 - All the Small Things
    - Dammit
    - The Rock Show
    - First Date

    The Cab - Bounce

    Duran Duran - Hungry Like the Wolf

    The F-Ups - Lazy Generation

    Face to Face - Disconnected

    Foo Fighters - Everlong

    Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.

    Green Day - American Idiot
    - Wake Me Up When September Ends
    - St. Jimmy
    - Know Your Enemy
    - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

    Jimmy Eat World - The Middle

    Linkin Park - One Step Closer
    - In The End
    - A Place For My Head
    - What I've Done

    Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

    Orange - Revolution

    Pink - So What

    Rise Against - Give it All

    Survivor - Eyeof the Tiger

    Trans Siberian Orchestra - Carol of the Bells

    3 Doors Dowm - Kryptonite

    Authority Zero - No Regrets

    P.S. I can already play all of these, but I'd still like you to think about making them DLC.
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    would the idea of promoting lesser- to unknown guitar-oriented bands and artists thru rocksmith sound possible? i know there are things to take into account such as unsolicited materials, licensing, royalties, etc., but if all the legal stuff gets cleared up, can it be?

    and how does the idea of non-english guitar music (rock or otherwise) sounds? after all, it's not the lyrics we're focusing here, but more on the guitar work...
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    Andy Timmons:
    Electric Gypsy
    Cry For You
    Andy Timmons Band Plays Sgt. Pepper(the whole album!)

    Eric Johnson:
    Cliffs of Dover

    Joe Satriani:
    Always With Me, Always with You
    Satch Boogie
    Surfing With the Alien
    Summer Song

    Where the Streets Have No Name
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    2 songs that would be great & already in dropped D would be "The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson and "The Thing That Should Not Be" by Metallica.

    Aside from those two songs...

    anything by Melissa Etheridge, John Mellencamp (for some major chord work)

    Classic rock fix with AC/DC, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, & Fleetwood Mac (Iknow tuning might be an issue with some of these)

    80's rock... face it, people want some hair metal (Poison, Crue, Ratt, Cinderella, Bon Jovi, Warrant)

    Metal... The Big 4 (Anthrax, Slayer, Metallica, & Megadeth), Testament, Tourniquet (though I'll admit, I don't see that one happening), Black Sabbath... just to name a few.

    Hard rock... King's X, Alice In Chains

    And of course, the Guitar Gods... Vai, Satch, & Malmsteen.
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    Steve Vai
    Joe Satriani
    Jimi Hendrix
    Stevie Ray Vaughn
    Robert Johnson
    Avenged SevenFold
    The National Anthem By Jimi Hendrix
    Led Zeppelin- Stairway to Heaven
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    3 songs that need to be DLC for Rocksmith.

    1.Welcome Home- Coheed and Cambria
    2.Knights of Cydonia- Muse
    3-Enter Sandman- Metallica

    Also, for ideas for a Modern Metal Track Pack, it could include:

    Assistant to the Regional Manager- The Devil Wears Prada
    Anthem (We Are the Fire)- Trivium
    In Waves- Trivium
    You Only Live Once- Suicide Silence
    Unanswered- Suicide Silence
    Funeral Thirst- The Black Dahlia Murder
    Necropolis- The Black Dahlia Murder
    Nocturnal- The Black Dahlia Murder
    Warborn- The Black Dahlia Murder
    Ritual- The Black Dahlia Murder
    Conspiring with the Damned- The Black Dahlia Murder
    In Dying Days- As Blood Runs Black
    In Honor- As Blood Runs Black
    Nightmare- Avenged Sevenfold
    Save Me- Avenged Sevenfold
    Afterlife- Avenged Sevenfold
    Tears Dont Fall- Bullet for my Valentine
    Hearts Burst into Fire- Bullet for my Valentine
    Fever- Bullet for my Valentine
    Make Them Suffer- Cannibal Corpse
    Eviceration Plague- Cannibal Corpse
    Skynet- The Acacia Strain
    Mordecai- Between the Buried and Me
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    Jeff Buckley – Hallalujah
    Chris Isaak – Wicked Game
    Guns N’ Roses – Patience
    Kansas – Dust in the Wind
    The Who – Behind Blue Eyes
    Eric Clapton – Tears in Heaven
    Everlast – What It’s Like
    Glack Crowes – She talks to Angles
    Pink Floyd – Wish you were here
    Blind Melon – No Rain

    Although if I could only have one pick from the above listed songs it would by far be
    Jeff Buckley – Hallalujah
    If I could learn to play that song (Jeff Buckley's version), I would be ecstatic.
    Thank You!!!!!
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