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    i have been playing the game for about 4 or 5 hours now, and really love the game. I did the mission to destroy the guys supplies following my buddies idea, with guillen or guellen or whoever(the cuban girl) as back up. I died and guillen helped me, and i destroyed the stuff. Then i went and completed the mission and moved on to something else. Before I saved the game i checked and both my buddies were still alive. Now, about an hour or 2 later guillen is missing, i went back to the shanty town to see if i could find her but i couldn't. How do i find her?

    also, is there a way to get buddies to follow you or get in the truck with u?

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    someone plz help, if i can't find the person im gonna re-start cause i kinda liked them as a buddy lol...when a buddy is missing can one not find them ?
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    You weren't swift enough and your buddy got killed. Load a previous checkpoint and make sure you're in time, this time. Ha!
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    they turn up in safe houses or in bars, they dont follow you around or go in trucks with you afaik
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    it says missing though, not killed, and i don't have a previous checkpoint : (
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    Yea, missing. That's because after a certain mission she called you up saying she waiting for a convoy to arrive, that she'll need some backup, and wants you to get over there. If you aren't in time, she gets killed. If you don't go or you do but you're not in time, she calles again saying "I don't think I can handle them on my own, I'm using my last bull... - argh" - Line Dead. (lol!)

    That's when she's suddenly missing... So, she's presumably dead.
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    ok so there is no way to get her back?
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    I can't say for sure. Maybe, in the end, she WAS missing afteral. But, personally, I presume she died.

    If so, the only way to undo is to load a previous save and redo both the mission and side-mission.

    EDIT: Damn I love this game! Nothing but fun. Can't understand some people on the forums here... I'm having nothing but fun with this game. Even ai respawning, ... bring it on!!
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    kk thanks
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    Sure thing. Hope you can undo it. If not, I wouldn't worry about it too much, cause for now (in my game) she just hangs at the bar all the time. I'm not getting any new missions from here, as of yet. Just a "Hey. Long Time No See..."
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