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    Post your Conviction purchase stories, installation issues, first impressions, screenshots, problems, DRM issues (or non-issues), and overall experiences here!
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    just got a text saying my LCE version is in, gonna go pick it up now.
    more news as the story develops
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    Come on!!!What the realese day in Greece???I can't wait...
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    Any comments about the controls would be appreciated. Does it feel like a bad console port or a real PC game?
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    You're lucky getting this today. The official release date here in Norway is thursday (2 days from now), but I won't receive it that quick due to the fact that no stores here or in Sweden have it yet (and it takes 2-3 days by mail to receive stuff, I have pre-ordered). A little annoying that has it in stock already, when the UK release date is the 30th, and here it's the 29th but it seems the stores won't get it until thursday or even friday...
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    I bought the game an hour ago and I'm already having great fun with double clicking on the icon,hoping it would finally let launch the game or even register serial. Thanks Ubi:!
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    Yeah, I can get it now. But exactely this day, my parents decide to let me do even more homework ( and I'm already speding 3 hours a day, weak day)
    So, give me aot cop-op video's, adn I will watch them all, so I can enjoy myself.
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    I live in Europe and we have to wait till the 30th

    FML :P
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    Originally posted by SneakySoft:
    I live in Europe and we have to wait till the 30th

    FML :P
    So do I
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    well i live in Europe too
    i was expecting to get it the 30th also, but to my surprise it was here today

    on another note:
    install went fine,
    select Play,
    "Ubisoft Game Launcher can not connect to the ubisoft servers, a permanent internet connection is required"
    have stable internet connection
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