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    Have you read any of Richelle Mead's books?
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    Originally posted by CrimsDeath:
    Have you read any of Richelle Mead's books?
    I have certainly read the Vampire Academy series, and I loved them!
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    Fool's Paradise? Zane

    Hi Everyone,

    there is so many good suggestions here - thank you all...

    I have one too, something I've just read.
    The title is:

    Fool's Paradise - D. L. Zane

    This is a story about a love between a woman, Lady Jade Northwick, and a devil, Lucian Drake, Count of Darkwood.
    Lady Jade Northwick is a distinguished member of high society and a hopeless romantic who dreams of meeting her Prince Charming.
    She encounters the striking Count Darkwood at a palace ball and learns of his bad reputation; nevertheless, the mystery surrounding him starts to intrigue her.
    When she learns that her father has gambled away their money and agreed to marry her off to a man she despises, in order to help repay his debt, she is devastated and decides to seek help from Darkwood. Soon, however, Jade finds out that she is asking for a favour from the devil himself.
    Lucian’s main purpose of existence is taking humans souls, but a series of events that will follow after he makes a deal with Jade’s father, will forever change his life. And for the first time in history, one devil will fight for salvation of a human soul.

    I absolutely LOVED it and had to share You can find it on Amazon kindle (free at the moment)
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    Top 10 Paranormal Romance Book Series

    Check out my top 10 Paranormal Romance Book Series! I also have Christine Feehan on there!

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