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    I got same problem. (@Deluxe Edition)

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    Well I finally got the game installed and its a beauty

    Does anyone know hot to access the preorder bonus features the sea leopard and sonic modulator? How do you verify they were received with the game?
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    how'd you get it fixed shop?
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    So, any update on how things are going, FredEx919?
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    and on another related note.. Why on earth is my order number my log in name? Anyone have a clue how to change this?
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    yeah, is there any update? has anyone been able to get it working?

    would like to have the opportunity to play it sometime over the weekend if possible..
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    Hey man, has the same problem, but what is the solution? Is everyone just waiting for replies from Ubisoft or you've managed with it somehow??
    It so ****es me off....
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    yeah.. were having the same problem still, we don't have a solution.

    Look above your post and you can see that a ubisoft support member replied and asked us to submit a support ticket and send him a PM with details of your order.
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    Same problem here
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    hey. Still same problem, no email, no support from ubi so i must say that im not used to this kind of treatment to customer. Hope this get solved soon coz its really going too far!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ubi get your *** together!!!!!!!!

    P.s.: Origin had problems about acctivation Battelfield 3 as well but becose of overcrowed servers for download not becese they would send a wrong Activation key or something so imbaresing like this.

    Regards, Miha
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