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    hey guys, i m from germany, i do have windows 7 64 bit and i wanna play blazing angels squadrons of WWII so bad. but i cant cuz all the time i install the program it also wants to install star force and then windows wants to make a new start. so i am doing that but then then pc says "windows cant be started again". ... that ends up like this: star force is not installed and the game wont work.... i cant update this star force because it cant be installed on my system and i can not get star force 5,7 or something because u cant download that ...
    i hope u could help me with that problem


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    no chance to play BA 1 on Win7, you have to have XP as well.
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    First of all this is for secret mission and I am on th wii and i have a mac so i do not even know what u guys are talking about so explain every thing to me so i can maybe help u guys so what is starforce
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    gnore the last post i posted on this section
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    I have a problem with the game launcher, the UBISOFT game launcher ask me to install new libraries the problem is not the process to install the problem is in those libraries make some conflic with the sings internal of my computer then my computer reboot and all information is blocked. that's logical if the system find something worg with those libraries the system will block them. the question is WHY??????????????? those libraries or aditional librarie(S) as is call by ubisoft do that?? I cant play and i had to fix my computer twice. it says that is some kind of security.. the game launcher says you need to have this installed on your computer other way the game dosen't run.. please HELPPPPPP.......
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