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    Maybe I'm missing something here. I signed up for an account where it says "Register" on the main page of I attempt to log in under the muliplayer section, it tells me "user ID not registered."

    Am I just dumb for thinking that coming here and clicking "Register" means I'm registered? Is there some other registration that needs to take place? I do have the latest patch and PunkBuster; all that stuff that I apparently needed to use the multiplayer section. Hmmm...

    Can anyone offer any help, please?
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    So... Can I assume that after 173 views and 3 days, nobody knows the answer? Ok, I guess that's what I'm assuming then. Thanks anyway.
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    You must create a user account
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    You mean that's not what clicking "register" and signing up DID? Then how do I create a user account if not by using the link which seems to be there for creating user accounts?
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    I have the same problem and have received absolutely no help from UBI. Seems like once they have your money they don't give a $hit if you get what you pay for or not.
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    yea same here.
    Tried making a new id but still nothing...
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    Hi guys, please contact technical support, the link is in my signature.
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    I have the same problem since March.
    I tried creating and using another account but that didn't work. Then I contacted the Ubi's technical support but it was completely useless — all they told me was that this thing is caused by the incompatibility between RvS and Windows 7 without even trying to tell how the game had been working flawlessly for several months before that.

    Is there any solution to this problem?
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    A possible solution

    I've had the same problem and there seems to be no logical explanation. But the solution I found with some help from my friend, was to just create a new uplay account and try with that. Same problem? Create a new account! Same problem again? Another account.. Untill you find an account that works. Yep it's completely unlogical and extremely buggy, but only thing that worked for me.

    Good luck
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    ?!??!??? Since when was the r6 legacy forum the place to post when you can't figure out how to registerdur??
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