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    I was playing Chaos Theory and had reached the point in the Bathhouse mission where you have to defuse a couple of bombs. The problem is, when I go up to one of the bombs, nothing happens. I know a "defuse bomb" option is supposed to come on the screen, allowing me to stop the bombs from exploding. Unfortunately, that option doesn't come up, time runs out, and I die.

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem? And, if so, how do I fix it?
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    You are probably not at a bomb. To get to the first one, go through the gate (or over the fence) and do not go up the stairs- instead there is an opening to the left of the stairs and go left in there again. From there, pay attention to where Doug Shetland is at. It will be near him. There will be a total of three. But be careful- more guards will enter as you difuse each one.
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    You were right on the money.

    Thanks for your help!
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