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    Same issue here. Seems they put all their resources into making a DRM that doesn't work properly, and forgot the produce enough CD-Keys for everyone...
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    I heard that Ubisoft couldn't be trusted, but I thought I would try anyhow. It's so upsetting when this stuff happens... and it happens so often these days :/
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    Same problem..

    Just brutal.. just effin Brutal
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    Having same problem as everyone else I wish VALVe only allowed games to be sold on steam that don't have these launchers and authorization and drm etc. Well, i will learn from my mistakes and think twice (or perheps trice(?)) before purchasing next ubisoft game.

    They should at least give us some free DLC for the trouble or something. This is pretty sickening.
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    Ubi_SamSeed's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff NCSA
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    Hi All,

    Just wanted to pop in here to let you know that we are aware of the Key Binding Failed errors on the Steam version of From Dust, and are working to correct the problem.

    As soon as the issue has been resolved, you should be able to activate (bind) using the original key given to you by Steam. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
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    Nope, not good enough, this should not have happened in the first place, I will be asking Steam for a refund and will never buy anything that carries the ubisoft name again.
    Frankly this is a joke.
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    yea uhhh that reply from ubisoft is pretty much bull honky. Ive seen the EXACT same paragraph on like 4 other websites.
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    When I heard this game was from Eric Chahi, I figured out I had to buy, because all of his games are awesome.
    But then, I saw it was an Ubisoft license.

    Ubisoft, with their crappy cheap games, their f***** up DRMs, the guys that litteraly spit on their clients, and just take their money.

    At first I was like "Well, I maybe I should try juste once.", but then, I bought the game.
    14.99€ (yeah, I'm an european***)

    I bought it on Steam, I buy most of my computer games on it, because the store is easy to use, user friendly, and the promotions are very interesting. Furthermore, buying and downloading games to get them in like 1 hour, is a pretty awesome concept, I quickly abandonned the idea of getting boxes and CDs just because it feels good. Getting the game by just paying online, feels better.

    But I didn't wrote this post just to tell how I like Steam.

    I wrote this to tell you how I now hate Ubisoft.

    I bought my game, I spent 14.99€ to purchase it, and spent some time downloading it to eventually play wich appaers to be a great game.

    I install it, I launch it, steam does the usual configuring sh**, and then appears the Ubisoft logo. (in a low quality crapy jpeg image)

    First I have to creat an account if I want to play, I hate doing that because i'ts not a MMORPG or something, but I do it anyway.
    Then, the f****** DRM appears and asks for my product key. I get it on Steam, copy and paste where it has to be.
    "Error, your product key is incorrect." Or something like that.
    Huh ? How could I enter it wrong, i copy-pasted it.
    Tried again, same result.
    Tried to remove the '-' in the key, same result.
    Tried to type it manually, same result.
    "Oh you've got to be kidding me."

    Tried many times, many different things, and then what ?
    I get kicked out of the DRM software because I tried to enter the right key that I paid for too many times.
    "What the f*** !?"

    It was the first time I bought a Ubisoft game since 2005, I boycotted their products when I started to realise they where a bunch of moneyvacuum***s.

    And I swere, I swere that after this outraging robbery, that this is the last time I buy some Ubisoft sh**, I will never give more money to this pointless incompetent company.

    Maybe I should have expected this kind of sh** to happen, since Ubisoft are french***s.
    And I'm not saying that as a foreigner, I can tell you, since I'm a french*** too, that you can't trust a french company, or any french people, and that my f****** country is full of that kind of pointless *******s.

    I hope this product key issue is going to be solved very quickly if you don't want sued for fraud and stealing.

    One f****** angry ex-customer.

    PS : J'espère sincèrement que vous ne survivrez pas à la prochaine crise économique. Vous ne méritez pas un talent tel que Eric Chahi parmi vous.
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    Yup..... Same problem guys... Cd key invalid ._.
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    Same problem here, invalid key. Dammit !
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