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    One more thing......Apparently no one at Ubisoft cares what we want! I guess money is the only thing that matters now. I wouldnt be surprised if Ubisoft administrators, programmers, etc, never even read this forum at all! They just dont care!
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    Farcry 3 should definately have more weapons but i think more importantly than that there should be more objects and features in the map making portion of the Multiplayer, Because not only can there be an expansion of creativity Ubisoft can monitor the public's opinion on style, difficulty and other features which can be used in other Farcry games or any Ubisoft game for that matter
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    As far as Weapons go we know that they have to suit the games theme like obviously you need a machete in the jungle however weapons are weapons so i think there should be at least one more weapon added to the 5 categories like a m4 for commando. A Chey Tac .408 sniper rifle or a nitro 700 express for Sharpshooter. The double barrel or 10 gauge shot gun would work for Guerilla. For the rebel category the grenade launcher needs some work as for an added gun i'm not sure. Gunner should have a m19 mini gun or a m60. finally most definately a p90 silenced would go good with saboteur. as far as accessories wp grenades smoke grenades and stick grenades (german) would work fine. switchblade knifes bowie knifes and throwing knives would be cool.
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    the only things I care about and want in FC3:

    - zip lines (already confirmed through the video)

    - map making

    - evolutions or custom maps (if you don't enjoying, simply avoid it so the rest of us can enjoy the gametype that we like.

    - weapon placements: it adds so much depth to maps and rewards you for exploring. it is much better than a lame class system because it gives purpose to maps, it makes mp much more fun.

    Edit: 1 more thing: they NEED to show original Authors of the map, it is total b***s*** when random people say they made maps that you've made by just modifying some little object or adding nothing to it. (it happens a LOT)

    - there needs to be co op map making (like how you can make maps with friends in the Halo series)
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