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    I get this message after I just updated my graphics card from an ati to an nvidia fx5700TD.
    The game will no longer fly so I am grounded!
    I posted on the support section but they did not reply for 4 days nevermind 24 hrs. Can anyone help?
    Thanks in hope
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    Should have posted here

    Welcome to the community.

    First off, going from one vendor to another means you absolutely have to remove the old drivers. Totally.

    First get driver cleaner from Here and install it - don't use it just yet!

    Now you need to go to add/remove programs and uninstall the ATI drivers, then the nVidia ones.

    Reboot into safe mode (F8) then use driver cleaner to remove both the ATI and nVidia remnants.

    Reboot, cancel the 'found new hardware wizard' and then install the nVidia drivers, then test.

    If you still have issues (a good idea anyway as we can advise on some tweaks for you) then post your dxdiag.
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    Thank you very much....bit of a hairy take off but vegapilot is airborn again!!
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    I always find that once you have a decent driver installed on your PC then it's best not to update it if you can help it. I have had many frustrating days where I have uninstalled and installed different driver versions (including nvidia drivers) in order to improve PC games performance.
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