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    we all want a new rainbow game. not the vegas style rainbow but the black arrow style game that required strategy and quick accurate shots to win. i understand that they are trying to branch out in terms of the age of audience but dont forget about the hardcore fans that have supported you from day 1 either. pleaaae make a new rb6. thanks and goodnight.
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    I agree 100%. With the god of war and sly cooper collections coming out. Why not a real rainbow collection?

    I made a thread a while ago, which asked for this:Rainbox Six 3/Black Arrow graphically updated to a vegas level, 60fps, and full anti-aliasing. They could include all multiplayer maps from Lockdown and Critical Hour. Since nobody played those games.

    But keep the gameplay exactly as it was in Black Arrow. No regenerating health, third person cover system or throwing grenades with the B button ETC!
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    agreed... please ubisoft, go back to your roots! so many people are dying for a remake of black arrow!
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    couldnt agree with you more bigblue!!!

    come on UBI, what are you waiting for?
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    Bring them back! Rbs3 and BA are best ever fps ever created and we want themm back. None of the bells and whistles Vegas and cod havve, just straight up gun fire and spray n pray...we want. Tap n slap back.
    We must be doing something wrong
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    ps2 guys.. ps ****ing 2! just get 1, 40 dollars play ur games man.. I need ppl to play with on there.. rb6: 3, lockdown, and ghost recon jungle storm all work just fine.. i had the same problem u guys have so thats why i went n bought a ps2 at gamestop for 40 dollars.. bought rb6 3 for 5 lockdown for 8.99 then jungle storm for 7.99 **** it atleast i dont have 2 go w/ out em anymore lol! lmk if any1 ends up gettn a ps2 with these games i need players! add me on yahoo : numba0nestunna2002 or reply here!
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    my bad i thought u guys were askin for them 2 put them back online! yeah they do need to make a new game like the old ones i agree!
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    Even if they upped graphics and combined maps from both titles this would be amazing!
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    dont have to up any graphix I JUST WANT MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE BACK !! ! !! !
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