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    hahahah 1 days after the anonce about the canadian package i send my question to ubisoft for the package and i receve a anwser

    this ofer is for a limited time lol 1 days its not tool long sorry i cant help you

    its last time il got a game from ubisoft
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    Well quick comment:

    Haivng bought on the 28th I would have hoped it would have been more sweeping but not as printed material.

    Printed material isn't a snap of the fingers to make. You have to budget for 1,000s of copies to be run off by a printer and shipped. That is why they say "while supplies last". They aren't going to do another physical print run.

    $50 US > $50 Canadian
    Game profits are much slimmer than in other industries. If they where to do a physical print and ship for $5-8$ per CDN copy there would no longer be any profit makig it a worthless project.... so I understand that decision.

    However... why can't we get a download?

    There is maybe some risk of KEYGEN pirates getting it. Or using the website to confirm keygens. But really... is that enough to deny it to the loyal purchasers?

    Im curious about the extra stuff and as others have stated this is the electronic age. The cost to release as a download is much much less.

    You don't even have to have a password... afterall the downloaded manual becomes advertising for your game. The periscope photoage, also a possible download, advertisers the game genre... where Ubisoft is far ahead of competition.

    I am happy with the game and consider the CDN issues minor.

    Are we to hope someone will YouTube the periscope photoage? I hope not.

    Ubi, can you please arrange a download of the material? It would become advertising for you and a good faith action.
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    I bought the game the 28th and didn't even realize things were "missing" from the package. Sure the extras would be nice, and if I had bought the game prior to the 26th I would have pursued them.

    Perhaps next time there will be a clear warning to the consumers that the product that they are going to purchase is different from the one being advertised.

    Oh well.
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    Happy to announce that my special edition, ordered online prior to March 19, when it was shipped, arrived on the west coast of Canada today, April 3, all extras listed on the website and the package are present. Thank you UBI, and to the rest of you, persist!!
    Now if I can just get SHIII to work again.
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    Update to my above post'Happy to announce', well, today after installing and attempting to run the game and then getting the bill in the mail, all happiness is gone. The game crashed or froze 5 times during the install, setup, initialize process. I still have been unable to play it. Then as I said my bill comes in the mail, and to my dismay, after ordering the ltd tin box edition for $49.99 Cdn. from the Ubi.ca site and receiving the deluxe, no tin box edition and getting charged $58.99 US. plus the exchange. $71.00 for a game that won't run and by looking at the bug thread is no better prepared than a Microsoft beta release.

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    Well good news I received my bonus material today and I was very impressed.

    A complete package from UBI. Thank you UBI
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    I'm a canadian who purchased the game after the cut off date for eligability to order the extra content. I've noticed the canadian version of the game installs a PDF of the full manual, as well as a couple of .JPGs of the keycard. But no sign of the map. I recently purchased SHIII and was impressed with the map that comes with it.

    So I'm wondering, would there be any possibility of making the Wolves of the Pacific map available in the form of a .jpg or some such? Maybe even the ship recognition poster could be provided in this fashion?

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    Sorry to hear that you got the game after the cut off date for eligibilty to receiving the bonus material.

    I'm the wrong person to ask about having the map and ship recognition poster into a jpg format.

    You can try asking the same question at subsim

    www.subsim.com those guys there will be in a better position to answer your question if it's possible and also if one of them can do it for you.
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    Hi Everyone,

    I got a full package of map, manual and bonus DVD
    ordering from Best Buy here in NA.

    Unfortunately, I still haven't resolved the screen resolution so I can play the game but,
    my issue here is with the fact that the DVD will not play at all.
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    but I think you should add one more thing, which is gift, actually a unique custom gift packaging.
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