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    L-I-Q-U-I-D-A-T-E [>L<] is recruiting for the PS3. We have 2 open spots available and will be hosting tryouts all week. We are a clan formed from RTA and ETA as the two clan have recently gone separate ways.

    We are recruiting highly skilled players as we are a small clan with a max of 10 players.

    This is so we can better communicate and work better as a team. We are highly tactical and rely heavily on communication. We do also play for fun but when we play we play hard. Were are in need specifically of a sniper as well.

    Though we don't care about rank as skill is what really matters we would prefer that the player is at an officer rank and preferably Elite.( though some of our ranks were recently reset )

    The main requirement is that you have a mic.

    If anyone is interested you can drop me a line here or add me on psn as TRECHEROUS with a message reading CLAN TRYOUT.

    I'll go over the fine details with you in the ame about our team and the tryout process. If you need more info on how we play you can read the clan recruiting pages for RTA and ETA
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    I am interested in signing up. In Vegas 1 I was a 2nd Sgt Rank. But since my 360 died I have got Vegas 2 for PS3 so I'm at a Pvt 2nd Class.

    I have a mic and use it quite a bit. I would just like to know two things.

    1) where are most of your members based
    2) what times do you normally play on PSN?

    Thank you
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    Half of our player are based in the Us and Half in the UK. We usually play from about 12:30 pm to 2:30 am eastern depending on what player are on at what time.
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    Great, thanks.

    I'm in the UK so i'm normally on at 8:30PM - 11:30 GMT - EST 3:30PM - 6:30.

    How would I go about signing up?
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    I'll add you on PSN so that we can hold a tryout period, what is your gamertag?
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    We are in need of one more member for >L< if your interested please leave a comment here and not on psn as my PS3 is currently in for repairs.
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    Hey Im interested. I have gotten into terrorist huny heavily this week. I have a great mic, play hard and have fun. Currently ranked as Master Sargent as my experience ranks got erased. Im in Florida and am on at night time. Gamer tag N00belmintor
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    Alright man, I'll have my co-leader Micksrule send you a friend request after our gamebattle tonight. My PS3's broken right now. You can play with us for a bit so that our guys can see how you play and play with us as a team and then later on probably on Saturday they'll give you a tryout. Good Luck.
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    Brian, your gamertag tag isn't correct. I even tried various spelling. Do you play on PS3 or Xbox? This is a PS3 clan.
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    It's just a game dude.
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