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    To any Moderator,


    I just did notice that the "New signature and avatar guidelines" are now missing. (see link in the general Myst 5 forums index at the top...click here)

    I suspect it went missing after the big crash about two months ago.
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    Hi Nano -

    Actually, some users complained that it was cluttering things up by adding yet another sticky to the pile that often appears on the first page of each forum. So, after 2 months of featuring this thread, we removed it from the game forums, and it now lives in the "Test Postings" forum as a reference for new members.

    It's up to individual forum administrators and moderators if they want to link back to it again.
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    Thank you very much for the feedback Acheval.

    A suggestion only !!!
    If you still have access to the old version, It might be a good idea to have a look and compare it with the new one.

    The old one was more like a walkthrough on how to post an avatar and/or a signature with very detailled infos for new visitors.

    Since I am in the suggestion mode

    Have a look at the Tag's boxes above the message window for these Myst 5 forums (the ones with black letters on a dark blue background). I am an old man and cannot see much up there. It is more like a guessing game.

    White letters should do the trick.

    Edited by nanouk...New

    I have found a very interresting post on Avatar and Signature guidelines...click here

    A link on top of the Testing thread would solve the problem.

    Thank you again for your time.
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