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    Made me laugh, really whats that for?

    Also how come as Na'vi I have no axe weapon? Under weapons it says clubs&axes but all I get is clubs. Maybe someone went over it but idk... anyone clarify??
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    How far have you gotten into the game? What's your XP (experience points)?

    I've unlocked a few "warrior level" packs, but nothing indicating an "axe" yet. The closest i can think is one of the fighting staffs might have an axe-like blade? Or maybe one of the dual-blade weapons looks like an axe?
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    Well I have finished the game. That is why it is strange. I can see Na'vi with axes and I almost want to say I recall having an axe before the patch but I am not totally sure.

    It is strange though because it says clubs&axes, but even from the start of the game if you look in experience there are no unlockable axes, just clubs.
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    Axes are added to the clubs and axes group when you enter a code that you can get for free from Gamespot.
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