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    Please use this thread for gameplay feedback and any features you wish to see while playing From Dust.

    If you spot any bugs or glitches, please use the bug and glitches feedback thread.

    Remember if you have major game issues - please report those directly to Ubisoft support using the links below so that they can help get you playing as soon as possible.

    Please keep on topic, and only use this thread for the above purpose. I am not guaranteeing any patches or updates - however please post here to make sure your comments are not lost in the mountain of threads!

    Posting rants may result in the post's being removed.
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    Thanks Shade for this discussion:

    - no FPS lock at 30
    - Camera movement with WASD-Buttons, while Mouse moves the "Breath"
    - advanced Graphics
    - No DRM at all
    - More content, so far the game feels like a Demo, the promised SandBox - Mode would be fun
    - Vegetation needs some work
    - Modding Tools, so the fanbase can get to work and make the game better

    However UBI already lost me as a paying customer, lets just hope that others can enjoy the game after it has been redone.

    Edith says: Just port it! Thats all I want, just port it for the PC! If you port it two times, it should work.
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    Well from my POV as someone who can't even run the game. I personally suggest completley reworking the graphics settings so that graphical details/features can actually be edited so that people can adjust them accordingly to make the game playable for those who can't.(I.e. People with minimum system requirements cant play the game because it forces MAX graphics which is quite a big flaw)

    This includes the ability to:-
    Turn on/off Vsync
    Control Antialiasing
    Antistroptic Flitering
    Edit Shadows/Shader details
    Edit Texture detail levels
    Edit Water detail levels
    Edit Partical details
    Aswell as removing FPS Limit is at 30 which would be nice for all those who have Superpowerful comps.
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    -Allowing to skip cutscenes and starting splash-screens
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    Graphics engine to correctly handle more resolutions such as nvidia surround/amd eyefinity. I'm not necessarily asking for a centred hud (although it would be nice), but at least rendering the game world correctly in multimonitor would be nice. Especially given this is one (only? ) area where Ubisoft have a decent track record on PC (Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia etc were great in multimonitor)
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    genreally fix it. plus a few more game modes such as aformentioned sandbox or a multiplayer.
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    Guess I'm stuck trying to improve it, since Steam denied my refund on the DRM issue.

    Most annoying aspect of the port is the controls, which try to make the mouse behave like a gamepad, which is fiddly and hard to control because it's not how one expects a mouse to work.
    - The "Breath" cursor should move like a mouse, i.e. on the screen, not mapped onto the terrain.
    - WASD should move the camera, not the mouse.
    - Camera should move only when the mouse "pushes" near the edge of the screen.

    The graphics have some issues too.
    - Needs support for antialiasing, the jaggies look horrible.
    - Needs an option to enable vsync to prevent tearing.
    - Support for anisotropic filtering would be nice to improve texture quality.
    - Some detail options would be nice, I don't need them myself, but it would be nice if people with weaker GPUs could play the game.

    And a few other niggles:
    - Would like to be able to skip loading cutscenes, they get frustrating after the first few times.

    Will update as I notice more.
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    Agree with all above
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    ive managed to set mine up whereby i use wasd to move the courser and thus the camera around. just disabled the mouse in options. still need to clisk though. its not brilliant but its better than using the mouse.
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    @ Methons
    Please keep on topic, and only use this thread for the above purpose.
    I forgot to mention: What about more animals and plants? So far I only have slugs and palmtrees?
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