Originally posted by Jacobocho:
I kind of want to just get a new pc, seeing as mine is 4 years old...

Its just that gaming pc's are so EXPENSIVE!

I'm a kid and I make about $40 a month.

Are there pc's I can get with that budget (with saving for a year or so) that are decent?
Well, that's tough to say since it will come out to 480 dollars and you may find such a deal but, it will be tough.

Why don't you talk to your Mom or Dad, make them a deal they can't refuse? A's & B's on your grade and they go 50/50 on your PC purchase. Meaning, they buy the PC you want (about a Grand will do), you pay them 40 a month and they cover the other 40, if you don't keep up your grades, they get to turn the computer until your next report.

Stay away from Dells, HP's or any other name brand out there, those are junks if you want to play any decent games on them. sure the Dell XPS (top of the line) may be good but at 3 Grand, well... that's a little over your league, isn't it?

Life's is tough and the sooner you learn that, the happier you'll be.