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    Hello. I`ve killed everybody there, replaced a C4 on the helicopter and took Rosen to evacuation zone.. But the mission is not completed, Rosen does not go onto Helicop ))) WHY? The target that I`ve replaced C4 was not elaminated, it didn`t depend on me, there was not words "Press X to BOOOM"..... PLEASE help smn..
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    Hi. Try the search tool (the 'find'-button) on top of the page and type a keyword, like: rosen. There you will find anwers.
    Oh, the C4 blows up automatically when you are airborne.
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    Mr_ERROR1988 Welcome to the Forums
    It is true that there are a million topics about this, but seeing as it was your 1st post we'll cut you a little slack. Try here:
    act II,"get me rosen"
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