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    hello, i´m new in this forum, i´ve search the last day many webpages, without a hit. In the walkthrough on a gamessite i found a answer, but dosn´t work.. in mission 2 - section 1 at the beginning there´s a brigde, one guard patrol, after this on the right side is a bambou-wall, behind is the second guard, follow the way after the corner the third guard, stage end, kill 3 of 6 enemy (grml) 3 left.. i read this in the faq: ***Mission 2 - Stage 1 (alternate): Destroy the wall with a Ghostmaker to the left after crossing the bridge. Enter the hut on the left after crossing through the doorway. The map piece is next to the ninja.*** finally i test this one 3 hours without a win. horrible. have anyone the same problem? or had an idea??? ghostmaker dosn´t work on the wooddoor, i´ve seen in ninja-view.
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    Thats right you need a Ghostmaker(=Bomb).
    Press "Z" and look around,you will see that one wall will change colour to yellow.Throw the bomb on that wall!
    That's all
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