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    I have just got a new LCDTV as a new monitor and it doesnt seem to like some games and their default, non-widescreen resolutions (and wont display anything)...now most games ive had this problem with ive been able to alt+enter to run in Windowed mode and have then been able to set the game to a resolution my TV can handle...

    but with a few games alt+enter doesnt work, so what i want to know, is there anyway to force a game to run in windowed mode from the start? I remember XP had an option under the shortcut properties but i cant find anything for vista
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    I can't say for sure, but you can try using these TOOLS which I'm giving. They may or may NOT work on all PC games.........



    DL this program, and then Select the Game's exe e.g. gamename.EXE, and click on the RUN button. But First make sure to *Check/Tick* the option Force Windowed Mode, under the Performance heading/tab.

    Some games cannot be forced in windowed mode. It will actually depend on that specific title, and DirectX version of the game/OS, as well as the Game's Aspect Ratio. Some games have shortcut commands like e.g.

    C:\program files\ubisoft\GamesName\Game.exe -window or -windowmode etc.

    By the way, what all games are you actually playing right now ? Some games also have variables like e.g. Fullscreen=, which we can edit inside the game's CONFIG .ini file.

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    well there are two games giving me issues, Blazing Angels 2 and SW Battlefront 2...ill try those programs though
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    neither of those worked, DXwind did nothing and the 3D Analyzer had an error meesage about copying a dll file
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    Originally posted by shinobi2204:
    neither of those worked, DXwind did nothing and the 3D Analyzer had an error meesage about copying a dll file
    Hmmm....... Can you tell me what was the exact ERROR message you got ? Why was it a .dll error ?

    And while using DXWnd, which DX version did you use to Hook the file ? Try the 'Automatic' mode, and if that fails, run the game's .EXE under Windows XP SP2 Compatibility Mode, and then try to use the DX9 version.

    But again, like I said before, somes games cannot be forced to work in Windowed mode.

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    well the 3Danalyzer error was about copying the ForceDLL.dll file
    and i tried both suggestions for DXwnd...nothing
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    Originally posted by shinobi2204:
    well the 3Danalyzer error was about copying the ForceDLL.dll file
    First of all, Thank You for your PROMPT reply. *Much appreciated*.

    OK, did you actually install 3D-Analyze, inside the game's Folder/path by mistake ? If yes, then reinstall this whole APP under some other Windows folder/path. After that select the game's EXE, and follow the method which I gave.

    You can also try COPYING the ForceDLL.dll file, inside the game's actual Folder, from the 3D-Analyse folder. Copy the file, and place it under the Game's actual Windows path/folder. Just see what happens ?

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    i tried to add the file myself but it still gave the error...and its in its own folder...

    If i could find BA2's config file then i might be ok...but i cant find it
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    OK, for the game Star Wars Battlefront 2 try this Command Line parameter i.e. /win. Create a shortcut of the game's EXE, and insert this inside the TARGET box line:

    just for e.g. "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront 2\GameData\BattlefrontII.exe" /win

    You can also specify the Game 'width height' via this command i.e., /resolution [width height].

    Not sure, whether this tool works under VISTA OS or not, but give it a try (D3DWindower):



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    Any progress from your side ? You can try the Last tip which I've given, for the game 'SW Battlefront 2', If you wish. Just check whether it works or not (i.e. the /win command) ?

    Thank You.

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