View Poll Results: Which do you prefer? Real-Time or Turn-Based gameplay? I really think Real-Time would destroy this

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  • Turn-Based

    83 93.26%
  • Real-Time

    6 6.74%

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    I vote still turn based

    and what I've seen, up to date, from screenshot...

    nothing can really dismiss that
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    Obviously they're doing it turn-based. Really no need for the poll!
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    Turn-based. I don't like realtime games, but I like Heroes
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    If the purpose of this is to "determine" whether or not the game will be RTS or TBS, this poll is unnecessary.

    HoMM5 will be turn based.
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    I prefer real time games to turn based, but there are enough real time games out that more is not needed. The Heroes series is really the only good turn-based strategy you can find though, they need to stick with turn-based. There is a market for both and the Heroes series dominates the turn-based market(as long as they don't screw up again like with H4)
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    There is a difference between the "real-time" of war craft and Command and Conquer, and the "real-time" of a series like Ogre Battle. Turn Based is fun, no doubt about it. But Multiplayer turn-based stinks. Armies don't take turns like in chess, they are constantly reacting to what the opponent is doing. It would make the game more realistic and more strategic. Is there another example besides Ogre battle for what I am talking about? I would like to play it.
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    Definately turn-based (and this is what HOMM V is going to be fortunately) Itâ´s much more fun and challenging not to mention diversive, creating tactics in a turn based mode, especially playing in hotseat when you can use your, thoughtful! turns as one tactical weapon to make your opponents nervous (and more mistake-ready at the same time). At least for me some of the fun is just comment the lenght of our turns or tu hurry up friends to make their moves faster Real-time fans wait for the next Might and Magic game (which, I wish, keeps the turn-based mode also as an option)
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    They both have their advantages, there's been some excellent games representing both approaches to strategy, I honestly couldn't say that I like one better than the other. Of course Heroes of Might and Magic couldn't be made into an RTS without transforming it into a completely different game in need of a different name. I think this has always been better understood by the designers than a lot of people realize.
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    I had no idea they confirmed it to be Turn-Based. This is a really nice surprise Thanks people
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