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    Hi Everyone,
    I just watched the beta trailer again and noticed that there will be Respecialize (Reset All) button in a Hero skills menu.

    I've loved everything about Heroes VI so far, but this is just terrible. It is good enough that there is no more randomness while picking a Hero skill but Respecialize?! Where is the fun in picking the skill in the first place if I can change it anytime? I think it is a very, very bad idea. The only explanation for this is that it will be associated with a large resources cost if you want to respecialize your hero. Otherwise it's just wrong. It will even make some bad gameplay changes when you want to respecialize before some battles against specific units.

    First time since the game was announces I feel really disappointed

    What do you think guys?
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    Now that I think about it,I think it is even good in some ways,because different factions have different weaknesses and just like you said,there will be tactics,that are good against certain factions.
    However this will also mean,that there are tactics,that are rather bad against certain enemies and if you play a map and you don't know the faction of your enemy,it might happen that you accidently go down a skill-path,that is just bad against this kind of enemy.

    But I agree,that the respecialization should at least cost some resources,or should have some other bad side-effect,because otherwise you could just change the strategies of your hero completely at any time...
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    I agree with the OP, I think its a bad idea. It might be ok in the campaign(with a some sort of side effect) since that spans several maps. I really dont like it for multiplayer/custom maps though.
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    Don't press it then.
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    Originally posted by leeboy26:
    Don't press it then.
    Why cant we have a "win now" button too, those who dont like it can simply not use it.
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    We had this discussion in a previous thread once before, and the majority opinion was definitely not in favor of it.

    If they have to put it in, hopefully there will be some considerable cost for doing it and perhaps a cooldown period where it is unusable. (like once a month? Maybe even have it varied for different difficulty levels or even have it as a controllable variable for each map) With something like this in place I think it would be fine, but being able to simply reset, off the bat for no cost is pointless - now that skills are not randomised anymore there is really no need, all it does is promote less thinking about your characters direction.

    While I can see the thinking behind it (being a bit more casual friendly) I think you will generally find as long as things are very well communicated, a casual will be able to rise to the challenge. just reload an auto save if you HAVE to, and if its a multiplayer game well... too bad :P.

    Of course we have not been told the actual details of it yet (as far as I am aware) so all the assumptions about it being free are pure 'fears' I think :P.
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    I've been thinking about it a lot and I must say that I really hope it will be:
    a) associated with resources cost
    b) as roshgar stated there will be cooldown
    or (the best solution in my opinion)
    c) it's only in campaign and it's not included in multiplayer

    One more thing I wanted to point out for all of those not hardcore Heroes gamers: what the Respecialize function will do to the multiplayer game is it will slow down the gameplay and make it much less enjoyable. You can respecialize before each battle/waste time to assign new skills that are better against certain units and, after battle, you have to respecialize again to get logistics and stuff like that when you're not in battle - basicaly it will make gameplay... crap!

    But these are just my (as roshgar said) 'fears' that have no actual confirmation from the devs.
    I think it will be only campaign option - which actually makes sense since you want to explore all your character skills without replaying the campaign. So only hope remains...
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    The two posters above are definitely right, its just speculation so far.
    But so was the town screen for some time and it turned out exactly like a lot of people feared.
    So I think it is important to let the developers know how we feel, obviously in a constructive way and not the rant the afformentioned town screen mostly turned out to be.
    Personally I am in favor of no reset in multiplayer maps. Most maps not played in lan dont last THAT long anyway.
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    another possibility would be,that after you resetted your skills,you can't choose new skills right from the start,but you have to wait a few days until you can choose new skills for your hero,this way the respecialization would come with a huge risk.
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    Yeah thats cool Bluelore, have your hero take some time to learn his new stuff, i like that
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