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    Well, Ive decided to add this topic because i wanna try to add a bit more success to the Driver Series, because I recently had a think and I felt as though they may abandon the Driver Game, So Im hoping to show Ubi how big a difference some (even minor) Mods can make to the Driver Games!

    So if you have any Mods then please post a link here (with the name of the mod above & a description too!)

    ENB Series D:PL
    Driver Parallel Lines (Graphical Modification)

    I also Know there is a few other Mods out there But I thougt We should show Ubi/Reflections how enthusiastic we are about Modding their games!!

    So if you Know any Mods please add them to here

    And if I have the time i will update my post with your Mods/Posts!

    If you have any videos of Driver Mods you could always add the link to let some of the people who have never tried them see what differences they can make (even minor ones!).
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    I've actually made quite a few for Driver, Driver 3 and Driver: Parallel Lines.

    Unfortunately I think I lost some of the older driv3r ones I released but I'll try to dig them up. Since Driver Madness isn't working well at the moment and I have to fix a few things up I won't provide download links yet!

    But here is some information on my latest Parallel Lines mod!
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