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    Hi all,

    I really hope someone can help me with this because I've tried the campaign mission where you're supposed to defeat Dracorian seven times now, spent hours and hours on it and I can't win!

    I've tried various ways to build up my kingdom but I just can't seem to make gold fast enough to make a powerful enough army. Can someone please give me some ideas about how to better do this? What should I focus on getting first? Food? Ore? Wood? Prestige?

    Thanks much.
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    easiest way to win this fight is to first grab ore give it Fancy food(FF) and set up wood and planks, quickly get prestige to grab military building, grab 1-2 extra guys and quickly push to 2nd base. As your army fights set up pig farms in main base at least 2 wheat/2 pigs dont forget water. near main camp put down a noble with 1 butcher/1 mint/1 blacksmith all with FF. this level is lucky because 2nd expansion has gold coal and copper so grab all 3. you will be able to make swords for your muskets now just mass them and aim for these 3 stars for the win ( 20+ men, empire (3 or more territory) and either sun king(more prestige just spam the easy stone prestige from military building) or banker (more money, get an extra mint)i went sun king and won this map in 30 mins. Hope this helps ps best trick i know is to have producing items like wood/coal/gold/horses/meat all go to your main stockpile and build production near there gl.
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    if it's gold you need you should consider selling garments at the harbour. I personally just started exploring trading, it helped me get a army out faster.

    but I doubt you really need it at this level. You should do all right if you make a fast Stronghold, weapon line, horses, and a fancy food boosted mint.
    At least if your playing normal difficulty, i did it.

    You could also sell beer, but I rather spend it on novices to let them take over land and prevent military to die.
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    Remember that you can trade beer for gold in the tavern.

    Bah, already mentioned ;p

    But i read in a thread somewhere in here, that you could build 4-6 musketeers first and the 4-6 pikemen, in that order from the second you start the map. You should have resources for them
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    Yeah this would be great except you cant make pig farms on this level. Am I missing something?

    You are stuck with two hunter nodes at your main base, and basically two in the 3rd sector you can conquer. Following advice on these forums i finally managed to almost win this one.

    I'll tell you what I tried and you can tell me where im going wrong.

    The basic strategy is to set up as much Fancy Food (FF) income as you can, and then use that to fuel the iron ore/iron/weapons chain, and to a lesser extent minting, quarrying, and the sawmill. Sounds easy. However the two hunting grounds in your starting area cant supply enough FF, so you need to tap at least the two in the 3rd sector.

    1: Immediately get hunter/dual butcher combos up and running for your two starting hunting nodes. The hunter and butcher shops are fed FF. This gives you a trickle of FF income with no cost.
    2: Get a Lodge up for chopping trees, only need one guy really but keep him away from your hunting grounds. Get a second lodge up for sawing wood and feed him FF, set him to only operate on demand. Set up a quarry the same way.
    At this point you have a trickle of FF coming in and enough wood/stone to fund your building efforts.
    3: send your army to conquer the 2nd sector.
    4: while waiting for your first Prestige point, I set up a wheat farm and three breweries. This gives me a little gold income through the Tavern and gets ready for building the church.
    5: after your army heals send them to conquer the 3rd sector.
    6: somewhere in here you get your first Prestige point. buy the middle one, so you can build the church, stronghold, and wells.
    7: once you have won the next land, i build storehouses leading out to it, and then two more hunter/dual butcher shops in that land.
    8: while that stuff is building out i lay down plans for a wheat farm, some mills, and bakeries so i can get some simple food income.
    9: then i plant a church foundation. theres quite a bit of stuff queued up to build at this point and you cant build a second Constructor yet so you have to wait a while.
    10: once the church is built you have decent FF income, Simple food income, and beer income. Now you need to train up some novices and do some tech research. this will also give you Prestige Points and let you unlock more stuff. I think i went with road upgrades and then geology
    11: at this point im finally ready to start the war engine. i built three mountain lodges, with a total of two gold, iron, and coal camps. For each resource one is set to gather and the other to geology. I set up a 4th mountain lodge which gets fed FF to smelt iron. I set up a Noble Residence nearby to make weapons and to mint, again fueled by FF. And finally i set up a Residence nearby to make tools. Once that is all built i am ready to churn out weapons.

    With this setup i was able to build an army up pretty quickly. i conquered the 4th sector and even took the 5th from the AI, though it cost me about 8 of my 14 musketeers. How did I lose?

    The stupid quest where you send food to the werewolf doesnt work if you dont build the exporter place.
    I ended up with 2 victory points: Banker and the Sun one (Prestige points), while the AI nabbed Emperor (the most territories), the Special Sector (WHICH I CANT EVEN REACH WITHOUT CONQUERING LIKE TWO MORE OF HIS TERRITORIES), and then stole the largest army at the last second when my ******* workers couldnt figure out how to move food to my weapons manufacturer.

    so in a nutshell if anybody is still reading this, this level BLOWS.

    you have to get three victory points while keeping the AI from getting three to win. However its basically guaranteed to get the Special Sector VP, and once it does its extremely difficult to win Emperor from him, as you have to conquer two of his territories with crappy, non-upgradeable musketeers while maintaining a large enough army so he cant kill you.
    You get the werewolf VP (if you happen to build the exporter place), and Banker if you can manage it (the AI doesnt seem to go for it)

    Which means the battle comes down to the Sun VP(Prestige points) and the largest army VP. Even with a Fancy Food fed war machine the AI manages to almost keep up with you on troop creation. Which is fine except that inevitably something will go wrong. Your worker guys will get confused and start taking resources on inefficient paths, you start running low on FF or even normal food, or even wood! So you have really really watch what is going on or he can still produce a larger army than you.

    Anybody have any ideas?
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    This is the 7th mission right?

    I also had a lot of problems with this level. I tried a lots of different setups and none worked. Finally i found a way that wiped the enemy out. Won with 5/1 wictory points.

    I made a basic setup with woodcutter, sawmill and lodger. Set him to plain food to give a little boost, and after the mountain shelter i made barricades. Then i set up 3 farms with 2 grain and one mill. And one normal house with one bakery and one brewery. Pushed on to the next region to get gold and set that up.

    And if possible try to have farms and bakery/brewery connected to the same storehouse. I ****ed it up a few times by making to manu storehouses, so that flour had to be moved from one storehouse to an other storehouse before it could reach the bakery. Tried to boost a few times but allways went bad.

    Then i built the church and went crazy with lerics(not shure thats the name for them, but i mean the monks ) and conquered sectores with them. And at that time it was no problem to keep the enemy from getting more that 2 victory points.

    Now im stuck at the 8th mission
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