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    i played AC II before and earned all trophies but it was before Uplay started now that i have a Uplay account is there a way to update my Uplay rewards and get those missing Uplay points ? or ill have to play again all the AC II Game ? and if i have to play it again how can i receive the rewards if i already have all trophies and they dont reapear when playing the game a second time?
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    This is something im also interessted in knowing!
    I started my uplay account after i cleared AC2, and i wouldnt mind the rewards from it..

    Does anyone know if it can be redeemed?

    Found this by a forum official!

    Q. I didn’t hear about Uplay until now and I’ve already started playing the game, will this affect my points?

    A. The game keeps track of your trophies/ achievements so once you link your accounts any previously earned points will show up in your profile ready for you to redeem.
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    yeah i think this is something important for those who have buyed and cleared the game before Uplay its unfair that for us who bought previous games in their release and that those who buyed after get Uplay points it would be a good idea to update the web and Uplay points in a way that we who have cleared previous games dont have to buy them again or replay them
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