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    I made this topic to inform you, about the Heroes 2 and 3 combined. Its a mod which combines the classic graphics from Homm2 which have been put into Heroes 3 mechanics. Not only the graphics have changed, but also the creatures, new hero portraits, new buildings, etc. There are also new interfaces which fit perfectly with the atmosphere of homm2. The beta hasnt came out - yet, but if you follow us ( me Kivo and mister_kalu on heroes community ) you can expect it soon. Well Im going on about the info but check out the videos!

    To see more videos check out the channel

    Mister_kalu is the main designer/producer of the mod and Im ( Kivo/Melindar ) the you can say a little graphic helper. I made some creatures, for now not many yet, and I also give some ideas to the mod too. For example I give links of objects which can be included in the mod like artifacts etc.

    If you are interested check out my gallery:

    Share your opinions and ideas with us!
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    Mod is out! If you want to play the amazing Heroes of Might & magic 2 mixed with your favorite Heroes of Might & Magic 3! This is only beta remeber!
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    great idea man keep up the good job!
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