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    Hi all,

    I am sailing the incredible TypeXXI, in July'44, using GWX1.03.
    However, the allied aircoverage is providing us many problems (as they should lol).

    I want to do more travelling at schnorkel-depth...but at this stage - allthough already late-war - it can't have a RWR (Radar Warning Receiver) mounted on top of the schnorkel.
    As far as I can tell, the FuMB37 Leros, which was especially designed for the XXI, only comes available in Jan.'45, which is rather late.

    How can I make it available in July'44?
    I already asked this question several times on SubSim.com, but no-one cared to answer.
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    They probably didn't answer because, while there are many good reasons for changing the game-play of SH3/GWX, they are almost always for the sole purpose of adding historic authenticity or 'realism'.

    Changing the availability dates of equipment is getting away from accuracy - otherwise, people might as well play with the XXI in 1939. Fun, yes, but a bit like cheating at solitaire.
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    I know it's not really historical, to ask for the FuMB37-Leros in July'44.
    But on the other hand, sailing a TypeXXI into combat isn't either.

    But since the uboat is in SH3, and kept there by GWX, I want to continue using it.
    Roleplaying-wise, I have no "historical" objections, by changing the availability of this device by a few months.
    I like to see it this way: we got a RWR on departure, mounted on the conning-tower...but once at sea, I order some of my engineers, to mount it on the schnorkel instead.
    Just a little improvisation...won't hurt.

    So...how to change the date?
    I've looked in several files, but can't find a location that works.
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    hi there:
    In case you want to modify it...
    go to the directory where your SH3 is installed, once in there go to Data\Cfg and there you should find a file named Basic.cfg
    Open it with a text editor, go to almost the bottom of the file, where you will find the date of availability for each and every item used by your u-boat (conning towers, tops, weapons, radars, snorkels, etc.) change the date of the radar you want and that's about it.
    Before doing that, be sure to be back in your base, don't do it while you are at sea or you might CTd.
    Hope this helps
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