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    This is a fairly open ended question, but is there a resource somewhere where I can look up the most commonly faced aircraft by aircraft type? Or particular engagements betwen X ac and Y ac? Obviously, I'm looking for more detailed info than mere matching the year of aircraft!

    For instance, the P-40-x series and varients were used throughout WW2, and faced many different types of Axis aircraft (or ground targets), et al, Ki-27 and Ki-41 in the early PTO by the AVG, outmatched by Bf-109E/F in North Africa, etc. Just an example.

    Is there a database or reference to sorties or battles and what planes met in combat for various aircraft throughout WW2?

    I'm really curious to find info like this for the various historically accurate match-up type missions I enjoy creating.

    This is site I enjoy browsing, but lacks alot of info as to particulars of engagements. http://www.worldwar-2.net/

    Generally, when I create a mission or Coop, I'm usually inspired by some reading I had done on a specific time or place (My Finnish Brewster missions inspired largely by that wonderful read about by Heimo Lampi("Fighter_over_Finland.pdf")) I lost the direct link to that one but have it stored if anyone wants it.

    So in short, is there a fairly comprehensive info source describing historical air battles between this-plane-and-that? Would be a great bit of info to refer to while looking for a new subject to make missions about!

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    There is a data base kept by the FBDaemon sever. I came across it while browsing the net. Im sure it was though the greater green site, I think theres a link, in my history hang on....http://www.greatergreen.com/stats/il2/ I hope that works??? Enjoy Graiskye
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    I do the same thing. Love to read about historical senerios and try to loosly make a FMB single mission. Try "J-aircraft" very cool site. Look in the reference section some cool articles with many encounters that give plane #'s and models that engaged with outcomes.
    the best way I feel are the Osprey books "Aircraft of the aces" and "aviation elite units" MANY detailed engagments
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