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    Just click on the link to youtube to watch the video of 27 Polish units for R.U.S.E as an idea
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    Horrib... WAIT THIS CAN WORK! Ubi can do money, bc nuubz will buy it and try to play 1939 as Poland bc Poland has everything in 1939!!!
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    i dont think they will be added they didnt do that much part from start
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    Why? The game has enough races as is and France already has enough tanks which it didn't have in real life during WWII (Like the EBR, the idea wasn't even drawn up until 1951 and it was only used in Colonial wars) so why go through the same with Poland?
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    Now before you whine, YES the Pole fought hard, but facts are facts, Poland capitulated and whilst there were formations of Polish troops in the UK they were pretty much solely equipped with weapons manufactured in the United Kingdom. Now we know these troops fought with much gallantry, however their incorporation into a RTS game as a separate, balanced and unique faction is rather a case of forlorn hope. It must be aggravating for many Poles not to be represented but it's just the way of the world.

    At least they can be seen in the Campaign represented by the UK.
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    Originally posted by fattoler:
    Poland capitulated
    Im polish. Just to be precise,Poland never capitulated.

    And, no i dont want Poland in RUSE.
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    Even, im Polish as well, and i really want the polish miltary to be in R.U.S.E and i understand and respect your respond
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    However, i know Poland did try built the prototype units. What happens if R.U.S.E can make an idea of using made up operations for the Polish Army, as what they did for making fake Japanese operation such as Invasion of USA, and Japanese troops in Germany

    Such as

    Operation 1, what if the Germans never signed a pact or agreement with the soviets. And the Germans might just invade Poland 1942, but poland has all completed advanced prototype weapons to defeat the Germans.
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    The main problem I have with this is that all but about 5 of these units are for 1939. Yes I know your trying to be historically accurate, but If this came out it would completly mess up the 1939 game mode, and Poland would be overpowered in 1939.
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    The fact remains that the Polish units were mostly outdated, and although the very well trained army and air force made the best out of their machines, the Polish as a faction just wouldn't fit into the current balance system. Most of their units are 1939 and designed to repel the units that were sent against them: Panzer 1s and 2s. What are they supposed to do against a King Tiger?
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