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    I've seen others mention administrator mode mentioned by others. I guess I'm just missing something here. What is that and how do you go about trying that?
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    No problem, JumBie.

    @Exoteror: I've already made a comment about the Windowed Mode in my Guide, at the top of the forum. By going to the options.ini file in the DEMO's file in My Documents, you can turn on Windowed Mode by turning the Fullscreen 1 into Fullscreen 0, and input a custom screen-size for it to use.

    It may help, but I doubt it. It seems like a problem with DirectX, but I'm not a programmer or anything, so there's no way to know until someone posts more information.
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    YOu can set the game as to run as an Administrator and in any of the before mentioned Compatibility modes by Right-Clicking the shortcut, then Properties, then tabbing over to Compatibility and selecting the appropriate options. Once done, click Apply and you're done. Start it up and see how it goes.
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    Ive tried the Administration, and compatibility with no go. In windows 7 sad to say i have no clue how to add a line to the target because its grey'd out. I had to create an options.ini file because there is none for my game, because the game never loaded to begin with and i typed the fullscreen= 0, what would be the command to change the resolution?
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    That is rather odd, JumBie. I'm not sure what could cause those problems, though its obviously connecting to the DRM server, as it has to to even start the game.

    Try the -win add-on to your command line, and it should put it in its lowest option at start-up. If it works, then you can close it and go about editing the opinion.ini.

    Other than that, I'll keep a look out to see if anything else comes up about it.
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    If You Downloaded a Rar version??
    Wich version of Winrar or other packer program did you use??

    and to JumBie187 the resolution is set this way:
    Insert this in your option file:
    Don't include the "
    BillboardClouds = 1
    Clutter = 1
    Particles = 1
    Sky = 1

    Antialiasing = 1
    DepthOfField = 1
    Fog = 1
    Multisampling = 1
    Parallax = 1
    SSAO = 1
    Shadows = 1
    SunShafts = 1

    AspectMode = 1
    ClutterQuality = 1
    DistanceCulling = 1
    FullScreen = 0
    MultiGPU = 0
    ObjectQuality = 1
    ScreenHeight = 768
    ScreenWidth = 1024
    ShaderQuality = 2
    ShadowQuality = 1
    TerrainDetailMaps = 1
    TextureQuality = 1
    Upscaling = 2
    WaterQuality = 1


    All done should use 1024 x 768 Non Fullscreen
    Standart Startup settings

    If it don't work eigther set all options to 0

    Like this:
    Don't include the "


    BillboardClouds = 0
    Clutter = 0
    Particles = 0
    Sky = 0

    Antialiasing = 0
    DepthOfField = 0
    Fog = 0
    Multisampling = 0
    Parallax = 0
    SSAO = 0
    Shadows = 0
    SunShafts = 0

    AspectMode = 1
    ClutterQuality = 0
    DistanceCulling = 0
    FullScreen = 0
    MultiGPU = 0
    ObjectQuality = 0
    ScreenHeight = 768
    ScreenWidth = 1024
    ShaderQuality = 0
    ShadowQuality = 0
    TerrainDetailMaps = 0
    TextureQuality = 0
    Upscaling = 0
    WaterQuality = 0


    Then it should start in 1024 x 768 SAFEMODE..
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    My beef with the Settlers 7 is the always online DRM. I refuse to buy any game with this type of DRM. I am all for Ubisoft protecting their games with DRM but they have gone too far with this. What if I lose my internet? Or what if somebody buys this game and they have no internet connection. Ubisoft are s****ing over the legitimate customer for sure and this is no way to do business.

    This kind of DRM will kill their sales , I guarantee that. They worry about Pirates , well they better start worrying more about loss of sales because of this DRM that ruin the game for Legitamate customers (not Pirates) that either have no internet connection or have a capped internet connection. (Oh yeah they never thought of those who have a capped download connection did they?)
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    Or what if somebody buys this game and they have no internet connection.
    they obviously cant read the massive box on the front of the box that says a internet connection is required for the game to work.

    now go beat your dead horse somewhere else as your stinking up the place and not exactly being helpful.

    @wolf: haven't you got the hight and width the wrong way round? as the screen width is normally the bigger number.
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    WOLFDK- OK so heres the update i created the options.ini file and set everything to 0 like you posted. The game now loads, i see a VERY tiny windows lmao and i see the screen where i can choose a profile im assuming and i can click on everything. Now i should tweak it i assume?
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    When i click continue in the profile menu it doesnt do anything though...hmm..
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