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    I recently purchased Heroes 5 Tribes of the East on Steam for myself and my friend, so we could play together online. The game requires us to use our ubisoft login in game to get into the multiplayer lobby. We both did so successfully, but when either of us tries to join each others game, it says "host has canceled the game" and puts us back in the lobby, but the host is still hosting the game.

    So, we heard hamachi worked great. We both already have hamachi, and connected to a server using that. We didn't see each other in the lobby for a LAN game. Then I read somewhere it only works with a specific, old version of hamachi.

    So, I heard some people saying gameranger was the best way to do it. We both got gameranger, and I hosted a private game. He was able to join the gameranger lobby I was hosting. When I click to start the game, it gives me an "error 43 failed to start game." I've tried running gameranger in administrator, but the same thing happened.

    I'm at a loss for ideas at this point, I bought 2 copies of this game just to play with my friend, and nothing I try works. I feel like I wasted my money. Does anyone have any ideas on how to play this game multiplayer? I don't care how I have to do it as long as it works. I'm desperate for any solution at this point.

    (thanks for the tip sorceresss)
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    shop30994c486- I had the same host has canceled the game error. I also downloaded hamachi and couldn't see my friend in the lobby. It used to work with an older version of hamachi but I couldn't remember which version I had that it did work with. I have since had success playing back on as long as I have the newer version of hamachi running too. I cannot explain it but I no longer get "host has canceled the game" unless hamachi is not running while I am playing through UBIsoft.

    Of course I now cannot connect to UBI because of a 0.7.0 error. I have submitted a ticket and will post again when that error is gone.
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    Ok. If you google Hamachi download version 1. You should find a link to download version from Brothersoft. If you download that version of hamachi (and don't hit upgrade) you can see HoMM5 games. I played Homm5 last night via hamachi verions If you don't remove version 2.whatever you will get some kind of server connect error. If you get that go START, RUN, and type %appdata%. After which find the hamachi folder and delete it. Reinstall version and you should be good to go to play Homm5 via LAN. Let me know if you have any questions.
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