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    Sorry guys ... i´m not trying to hijack this tread .. just would like to ask you viper if the 998th are a Lock On squadron ... and if so, Would you put in a link so i eventually could put up on my Fansite?

    ( Listed under my sig )

    Thanks in advance
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    Before I say anything, don't go shootin me down if I'm wrong - BUT, I believe we are the oldest active net-based squadron. 15 OCT 1996. We normally fly LOMAC but don't stick to flight sims. It's more or less just a group of good buds from all over the net who play whatever suits us, but we play LOMAC more than anything else. You don't see us on many servers because most of us prefer Co-op play, plus the fact that none of us have FC yet. LOL We don't have a website either so listing us may not be a choice. haha We usually just call each other on the phone.

    Older squads are the Skyscrapers or the Wildbunch. I don't think the Wildbunch (VMF-257) exist anymore unless the WB was renamed something else. They had something like 150 members so it's possible. The Skyscrapers are(/were??) a LAN-based squad out of the NYC area if I'm not mistaken. I remember flyin Falcon 3 with a few of 'em. Good tight-knit group of men.
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    Originally posted by Viper_998th_IP:
    I don't think the Wildbunch (VMF-257) exist anymore unless the WB was renamed something else.
    It has been a while, to say the least, but it appears that Bear is still around in cyberspace http://home.nc.rr.com/bear257th/default.htm (dunno if that page is active / updated)

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    Sparks; former Falcon 3 Compuserve ladder pilot
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    hey, i was doing a search on vmf-257 and i found this thread.. not to hijack it more but i am one of the few that was in the 257th back in what i consider to be the glory days of simming.. the 714th flight ladders that the 257th ran were awesome, i wish i had been on the atf and compuserve falcon ones too.

    anyway, i duno if BEAR is still kickin around, but i still have my 257th arm patch hanging in my room

    MOOSE VMF-257
    EAW/F-15 pilot
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    Yo! I was a member of the VMF-257 Wildbunch and went by TWODOGS and I remember the 714th flight ladders. GOOD TIMES!!! I remember simming with guys like Cannon, BlackMagic (rip), Ding, Chameleon, Vlad and many others. Anybody from the clan still around? I miss our good times we had with Janes FA, F15 and Falcon 4.

    Are there any military flight sims and clans still active?

    Anyhoo, send me an email at tyspilot@hotmail.com if you remember me or would like to discuss whatever.

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