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    Read this thread on Teamxbox.com about this game requiring gpu emulation on the 360 and NOT using the ati gpu.....

    Is this for real?.....
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    wut the hell does that mean pls explain
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    Emulation is when you use Software as "virtual" Hardware.

    This usually places a heavier burden on the CPU as opposed to using physical hardware. Causing a performance hit.

    If it is true that GRAW does have some kind of emulating going on it'd be interesting to know how much. HOWEVER this may not be such a big hit on performance, if at all since now we have 3 cores (2 threads per core) each @3.2Ghz. (yummy)
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    why the hell would they do that?
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    The game originally started development on the Current Xbox. Instead of re-writing all of the code, the dev's are using emulation.
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    thanks for the explaintion
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    AH-HA!!! thanks
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    Dont believe that person who wrote "it is a emulation". It is some idiot who is trying to get ppl worried. GRAW is using the ATI card which is using the new graphical effects, which the current xbox Nvidia chipset can not do.
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    if they are using emulation im dissappointed even more.

    This game could be so much more then just a HD version of the xbox 1 and they are really not delivering the hits GR used to be.
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