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    I just thought i'd try the "Hung piece drill". the module hangs consistently. It is now hanging at drill 2 with the phrase "waiting for drill" flickering and both CPUs in full use.

    This is such a basic feature. I do hope cm fixes it.
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    I confirm that this bug is present both on Windows XP Home edition and Windows Vista Premium Home edition.

    A bit more detail on the bug:

    Every 2nd time a drill is launched (any drill, it seems), the "waiting for drill" message appears and flickers indefinitely.

    The other times when the first drill is shown, the same problem may occur during any of the subsequent trials.

    Finally, some of the problems have no solution. I found this with some of the rook, knight or bishop fork drills.

    Indeed this is a very basic part of CM which worked very well in earlier versions. It seems like a step backward in a section of the game that should have been a basic transposition.
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    Same problem I am having, so I guess they never fixed that in a patch...
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    Yes, this is still a problem... it's been mentioned before in the CM 11 Bug Fixes / Enhancements.
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    Are drills can be edited?

    Minor errors in the academy, Josh Waitzkin can possibly improved by using the built-in editor. And drills?

    A great pity that this part of Chessmaster has not been tested at all.
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    No, you can't edit or create your own drills.
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    If the drills worked, then that would improve my playing ability. Does Chessmaster 10 have the drills?
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    Yes, Chessmaster 10th Edition has the drills.
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    I have a question about Chessmaster 10 (I know it's not the topic, but I want to hook the question predecessor). Are drills in Chessmaster 11 come from the CM 10? Are they the same?

    Also, I believe that such exercises will help me improve my skills in chess, and CM10 in Poland is now very cheap (equivalent to $ 4, appeared repeatedly in the so-called low-cost series).
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    Chessmaster 10th Edition does have many of the same drills that are in Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition.

    At $4, I'd definitely pick up a copy of Chessmaster 10th Edition.
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