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    With less expensive guitars, string height off the pickup is another thing to consider, especially if you use light guage strings.

    If you know you are staring off low when trying to tune the high E, and you just keep going until it breaks but the tuner never seems to pickup the tone from the string... sometimes the pickup is too low. Cheaper pickups in less expensive guitars tend to have less response than more expensive ones and the sometimes it helps to bring it up a little and get it closer to the strings.

    If your pickup is set in too low (top of the pickup flush with the body of the guitar), grab a screw driver, hold down the E string at the highest fret and jack up the pickup until the string is about 1/16th inch away from the magnetic pole, or screw of the pickup.

    see pic:

    This may or may not help. And, yes, you will see many guitar players with their pickups set in and flush with the body of their guitar. Usually for those situations, the neck and body are not very far apart in height (pic above), or these tend to be "hotter" pickups, meaning they have a higher output and typically use stronger magnets to pickup the vibrations from the strings.
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    Broke my bottom E string

    Darn, the string broke and PS3 Rocksmith did not tune. I'll explore the as suggested. I should have read this first. I have a mini Fender squire which I bought for my son.

    Originally Posted by sk8rgirl0987 Go to original post
    Hi i just got the game Rocksmith for my xbox and i was totally excited about it. so far i haven't been able to play because when you do the Tuning setup i wont recognize my high E string and i have broken 2 strings now trying to get it. please if this is happening to anyone else any advice? what could be causing it? its really frustrating. should i exchange it for a new one??
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    I also sometimes have problems with the game registering the e string.
    If you aren't sure how far to tune, Don't just blindly keep tighting a string if the tuner isn't telling you what you are doing.
    You're almost guaranteed to overtighten and break your string.

    The first string should be the same note as the 5th fret on the second string.
    You can compare the two to see if the first string is indeed way higher than the second, in which case you are overtuning.

    There are also many smartphone/windows tuning apps which can 'play' the correct note, which you can use as a guideline.

    - Frank
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    Plus if you get the other strings tuned, you can tune against the B string and get it close. Of course if Rocksmith isn't recognizing it during tuning, it won't recognize it during the game either.

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