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    So, i tryed the binocoluars i target the ship. I also order men to the deckgun. Sometimes they appear but they never fire :S People say here they should start firing right away ones you target the ship. What am i doing wrong?!
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    There are already quite some threads concerning deck gun, could be worth browsing those threads in case no-one wants to write same information over hundred times every single time someone new asks the question.
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    But im trying to say that the answer i read everywhere does not seem to be working...
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    Download the key mapping used for sh4 over at subsim, works here on sh5 then put your binos over the target and press space, the crew will then fire on the target, the only way i know.

    Mods available

    [REL] No Damn Bubbles, No Damn Halo Mod

    [REL] Accurate German Flags

    [REL] Command Keys (fix-1.01)

    [REL] Free Cam Tweak

    [REL] Old Style SH Controls (familiar 3 dials) for UI

    [REL] new UI for SH5 (BETA)

    [REL] Church's SHV 1.1 Key Commands and F1 Help Layout

    [REL] Morale Mod (Your crew is actually obedient!)

    [REL] Command Keys

    [REL] Radio Paris

    [REL] "Muss I Denn" playing inside bunker

    [REL] Drifter's Brown Interface Colors

    [REL] MightyFine Crew Mod

    [REL] Capthelms Audio Mod

    [REL] Uniforms

    [REL] Capthelms Lighting Effects mod for sh5

    [REL] Conning Tower Compass Fix

    [REL] No Hydrophone on Surface

    [REL] Critical hits for torpedos

    [REL] Remove Lock/Break Lock and Switch Target in UZO/Periscopes

    [REL] AI & Uboat tweaks

    [REL] All Torpedo and Weapon/Sensor Upgrades

    [REL] Improved Waves and roll & pitch

    [REL] Reduced crew abilities

    [REL] Critical hits for deck gun

    [REL] 4 Men on Bridge

    [REL] More Powerful Torpedoes

    [REL] Faster Running

    [REL] The Mini chrono Mod

    [REL] Main Menu "Das Boot" (video) themes

    [REL] Pacos German Folklore SubEmblems Mod

    [REL] Das Boot Sound Mod

    [REL] jimimadrid's Tools

    [REL] More Powerful U-boat Shells

    [REL] No UMark

    [REL] Capthelms Remove Mouse Crosshair Mod

    [REL] Drifter's Damage Control Screen

    [REL] Advanced Shift Keys for SH5

    [REL] software: silent hunter mod extractor

    [REL] Alternative SH5 Printable Map

    [REL] quick fix to add SH3 style compass to interface

    [REL] Adjusted Running - Walking Speeds v1.0

    [REL] Slower calmer Water MOD 0.5

    [REL] SH5 Collectors edition map

    [REL] Dive button depth fix

    [REL] Harder AI MOD 1.0 By Germanator

    [REL] Improved Engine Sounds

    [REL] No crosshair

    [REL] Blue underwater impurity v1.0

    [REL] Less Annoying Footsteps

    [REL] Remove Into and Logo screens

    [REL] SH5 AI script syntax highlighting for Notepad++

    [REL] Bad Weather Guns V1.0

    [REL] No XO face in the Persicope Screen

    [REL] Manual for Terrain Editor

    [REL] Solution Solver Source Code
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    There are so many mods already?! Oh gosh, are they one instal? Do they work together?
    Aren't they in conflict with official patches?
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    Originally posted by BIAchaalex:
    So, i tryed the binocoluars i target the ship. I also order men to the deckgun. Sometimes they appear but they never fire :S People say here they should start firing right away ones you target the ship. What am i doing wrong?!
    pay attentoin to your message log in lower right corner....

    problems could be:
    out of ammo
    out of range
    wrong angel (eg main deck in the way of shooting)
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    I have same problem.My men never fire.I trying everything with no luck
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    I've never had a problem with simply looking at a target with my binocs and clicking Spacebar to fire. The gun is auto-manned and starts to shoot.

    Now, it doesn't STOP shooting, but that's beside the point.
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    1 order the WO to man the guns

    2 get within range

    3 look through binoculars , keep the red corsshairs on target.

    deck gun crew works firn for me although they only hit 80-90% of the time
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    The deck gun range for your ai is set at 3000 meters IIRC, they will not engage outside that range, I already modded mine to 4000 and increased the range for the enemy ai too. If you want to do it yourself, head to "Silent Hunter 5\data\Cfg\" and open "CrewAi.Cfg" in any text editor then change the value assigned to "Recomended Deck Guns Range"[SIC], this will only alter your own crew not the ai. Don't forget to backup the file before saving any changes, in case you wish to revert later. You should note the new values will not be reflected in game until you start a new patrol.

    My mod, reduced crew abilities removes the morale cost for manning and unmanning guns, as well as reducing the bonus for crew special abilities to more realistic levels; there is another mod that removes morale altogether until the system is fixed

    Atm most mods do not conflict with each other, but they are all written for install with joneseofts mod installer, (you can find all the info you need over at subsim.com), that will let you know if you attempt to install conflicting mods. The program "mod extractor" can analyse all the files in the mod folder it creates, combining them into a master mod avoiding many more conflicts.
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