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from the video of the game it seems as though you can have:
M-1 Carbine
Colt 1911
Mounted Mg's
I think i did see a BAR in the video, but i am not sure if paratroopers used BARs. jumping from a plane with a gun of that weight would make you fall alot faster if it was in your mussette bag or on you <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Pure BULL****!
Bryan Exanovite or something like that, had the BAR.
When one of your squad dies you can take his weapon. You can take Axis Weapons from dead German boddies.
US Weapons: M1 Garand, M1A1 Carbine, BAR, Springfield, Thompson SMG.
German Weapons: Kar98K, Mp40. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I remember reading someplace that on DDay Paratroopers didnt jump with B.A.R.'s cause they were thought to be to heavy but during Operation Market Garden Paratroopers started Jumping with B.A.R.'s... usually when a Paratrooper got a B.A.R. on DDay it was from a dead infantry soldier or dead glider soldier... thats y in the E3 Demo he says "Hey Sarge look at what i found over there in that downed Glider!" or something like that...