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    Well, I already paid money to buy HOMM6, so I guess I can't do anything about it. Having played for only a few days, I find that I was disconnected in the middle of a game because the Conflux servers are unavailable. It's been that way for an hour or two now. Add my account to the list that will not buy Ubisoft games that have this kind of DRM.

    I bought a game. I didn't rent it. Your DRM interferes with my playtime. No more Ubi for me.
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    Well, Anno 2070 had been the first Ubisoft game I'd bought in years because of the generally awful way they treat customers and I wish I could say I'm surprised that I can't even play it. Guess I learned the lesson that Ubisoft prefers not having my money.
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    Absolutely last time I'll buy an Ubisoft game with DRM. At least with Steam I can play in offline mode and STILL PLAY MY SINGLE PLAYER GAME THAT I PURCHASED NOT RENTED! Farewell Ubisoft.... until you get your act together I'll let my feelings be quite clear with all of my gamer friends, of which I have many.
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    Indeed, Ubisoft, you've lost another customer. Fix this ridiculous system and I might consider returning to your games. Until this happens, I will not buy a single Ubisoft title or support you in any way. I don't care how good your products are, you've effectively given us the middle finger and said deal with it. Deal with another lost customer.
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    Just stopped in to be one of the voices to say this kind of DRM may prevent some pirates, but it also prevents sales. My 3 friends and I have been hoping there would be a change in policy so we could play Anno 2070, but none of us are willing to buy the game with ts current crippling "protection".

    In our case, you protected yourself from earning 3 customers. While your DRM has prevented some from playing the game without purchasing it, how many has it prevented from purchasing it? It would be an interesting metric to see, if there was ever a way to accurately calculate it.

    From my perspective, your medicine is killing the patient. Here's to the hope you wake up one day and honor your potential customers, rather than doubt, suspect and penalize them.
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    Here's probably the best suggestion I can give you:


    This is Good Old Games, they sell games both indie and old, not only for a good price and with a nice amount of free goodies (ranging from art to soundtracks to entire novels) but the stuff is also DRM free.

    But please, like hell you're ever going to remove DRM from your games, you guys just won't ever roll that way. But if there's one suggestion I can give you, look at the way the guys at GoG treat their customers. There's no nickel and diming, no super intrusive third party shovelware and they even go through the effort of getting even the most ancient game working on a modern PC. So in a nutshell: They RESPECT gamers and in return the gamers respect them by buying the games they sell.

    Now I know there's more to it just than just showing respect and this is probably a pretty bad analogy, also a bad game still won't sell regardless of how good you handle the customer but still, Ubisoft, show some respect for your PC fans and I promise you will be much more successful in the future. Please don't end up as pathetic as EA or Activision or even Blizzard, because you've still got some of that magic left from the old days when you released phenomenal games like Prince of Persia and such.

    So maybe head back to the more classic ways of DRM, like just a normal offline CD-KEY and the need to have the disc present when playing or stick with steam, just please stop this Uplay bullcrap and whatever other "smart" DRM you will bring in the future.
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    I was just about to buy Anno 2070 thanks to the summer sale on steam when I noticed the DRM.

    I really want to buy it but I just wont allow myself, alienating your player base is the wrong way to fight piracy.
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    Originally Posted by MellowTigger Go to original post
    I bought a game. I didn't rent it. Your DRM interferes with my playtime. No more Ubi for me.
    My feelings of this nature are growing by the minute.
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    Add me to the list. Buying Anno 2070 and Heroes VI yesterday were the biggest mistakes of my gaming life I ever made.
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