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    Originally Posted by Eudas Go to original post
    you've effectively given us the middle finger and said deal with it. Deal with another lost customer.
    So true, so true!

    Ubi$oft takes a delightful p1ss into our faces.
    Want to play the game? Yes, you can, but before you even can install it, we will 4ssrape you delightfully with our non-working DRM-"Services".

    Most other companies try to find a balance, between DRM and not-pissing-off their fans. Mostly it works.

    The fairest thing would be, deactivating their sh1tty DRM for server-maintnances and deactivate it COMPLETELY for customers who bought their games over Steam.
    Why haven't they done it, by now?

    We have a booming entertainment-Market.
    The Gaming-Industry is one of the largest ever.
    Have you ever seen the horrendous overblown Hypemachine rolling through the E3 and Gamescom?
    Babes, stages, Drinks and Cinema-Advertisments....

    And these guys are *****ing about "piracy"? o0

    It is truly rather a way to destroy the second-hand-market and the modder-comunity. Nothing more.

    So Ubisoft, like I said:
    Throw us a bone here!

    Give us honest, paying customers a way to play without your obviosly not working ubi-launcher-crap.
    We payed for your overhyped games, so stop treating us like criminals!

    I know you won't do it, after I saw that you have absolutely no interest in satisfying your customers. So I won't buy any of your games! Not one!
    Until you stop treating us like criminals and punishing us with launchers and accounts from hell!
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    Ubisoft just release the **** games on GOG's DRM-FREE distribution and i'll consider buying them, but calling your customers pirates is just so low
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    Article from Rock, Paper, Shotgun:
    Ubisoft Scrapping Always-On DRM For PC Games

    By John Walker on September 5th, 2012 at 8:00 am.
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    In an interview to appear on RPS at 10am today, Ubisoft tells us that they will no longer use their controversial “always-on” DRM. In fact, they quietly scrapped it months ago, but haven’t made that official until now. In what is a really remarkable turnaround, the publisher pledges that from now on they will only require a single online activation after installing, with no activation limits, nor limits on how many PCs it may be activated.
    Ubisoft’s worldwide director for online games, Stephanie Perlotti, explained that always-on has actually been gone for quite a while.
    “We have listened to feedback, and since June last year our policy for all of PC games is that we only require a one-time online activation when you first install the game, and from then you are free to play the game offline.”
    Ubisoft’s DRM had previously meant that you could not launch games without an internet connection, and if your connection dropped at any point the game you were playing would instantly stop, often losing progress you may have made. It was widely derided, and the bane of many gamers, but Ubisoft seemed defiant in response. Until now. Clarifying the new position, Perlotti summarises it, using Assassin’s Creed III as an example:
    “Whenever you want to reach any online service, multiplayer, you will have to be connected, and obviously for online games you will also need to be online to play. But if you want to enjoy Assassin’s Creed III single player, you will be able to do that without being connected. And you will be able to activate the game on as many machines as you want.”
    In the rest of the interview, coming up in a couple of hours, we discuss Ubisoft’s plans to decrease delays for PC releases, try to find out why the publisher doesn’t publish the numbers behind its claims about piracy, and which of the statements they’ve made in recent years that they now find unfortunate.
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    Dear Ubisoft...
    I thank you for give up this actual DRM you were using all the time, that just punish the ones who buyed the game.
    Cause piracy on PC will always be more higher than in the consoles, and even with that type of DRM you had been using, games appeared cracked.

    So I guess you had made a very good decision, and above all, on PC publishers need to respect us, to respect you.
    I am not that way, but a great part of PC Gamers are that way.

    So launching this new type of DRM and porting the "I Am Alive" was a very good decision.
    Using Steam and not using GFWL is another good decision..

    I guess PC Gamers will now start to forgive you, if you continue that way, i am sure you will get respect and people will buy the games.
    Just make good ports to PC...

    This is a little off-topic but you need to fix the cloud of Uplay, i buyed ACII and cloud didnt work well, sometimes didnt save my progress, i had to use local saving.

    Wish you lucky and a profitable future on PC.
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    Originally Posted by Ix Johnnien xI Go to original post
    That is awsome news. Also there is an interview, very odd one if you ask me, much text and not many answers like it's just an AI repeating the word "feedback":
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    At long last... now you just need to rebuild customer confidence in your products

    ...so it only took 400 pages of irate ranting to realize the hell they were putting legitimate buyers through then.

    Ubisoft had managed to make themselves the most despised games publishers as far as PC gamers were concerned just through their use of this DRM scheme (and that up against stiff competition from EA). It is nice to see that they are actually FINALLY seeing sense... even if they are stubbornly not willing to admit they made any mistakes and caused extreme inconvenience to their customers and damage to their reputation. It is interesting to read in the RPS interview how they like to use the phrase "that was an unfortunate statement" rather than "Ubisoft were deliberately lying to our customers in order to try and justify a policy we knew was flawed" (if they still don't realize it was flawed then they haven't learned anything).

    Actually the move away from the always on model has been happening for a few months now. No word on weather they are going to patch it out of Settlers 7 though (it'll be an immediate purchase from me if they do, but not until they do). I can finally start to buy Ubisoft games again... I deliberately stopped buying Ubisoft games when they started all this nonsense back in March 2010 and haven't bought one since (with the exception of Anno 2070 - couldn't live without Anno 2070).

    Interestingly I am a massive PC gamer and buy on average 50 games a year and didn't miss not having Ubisoft games at all, there were plenty of alternatives.... just bear that in mind Ubisoft the next time you try and impose your will on your customer base.
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    is this an actual full complete, confirmed by ubisoft, withdrawal of the "always on" DRM, or just scaling it back slightly from just having to be online to launch the game?

    it's not the first time they have tried to pull this stunt, nor is it the first time I have read articles making these claims only to find no such word from ubisoft had been released.

    I'd buy S7 in a heartbeat if I knew they were going to completely patch out the DRM, as well as a few other titles.

    speaking of S7 or any older games for that matter, I can't see any reason why they could not/should not patch it out.
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    Nothing has changed, they have still not got rid of it from the original games, they have still not admitted to it being wrong, you are still going to be bound to the whims of Uplay, and worst of all, Yves Guillemot still has his job.
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    Originally Posted by DC.Pipp Go to original post
    is this an actual full complete, confirmed by ubisoft, withdrawal of the "always on" DRM, or just scaling it back slightly from just having to be online to launch the game?

    This has been confirmed by Ubisoft yes, a one time activation will be required and then afterwards you can play offline.

    Please see here http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012...acy-interview/
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    Originally Posted by wibble2010 Go to original post
    No word on weather they are going to patch it out of Settlers 7 though (it'll be an immediate purchase from me if they do, but not until they do).
    I can confirm this;

    Hawx2 and The Settlers are being worked on to update both games to bring them in line with our updated policy.
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