First of all; thank you for a great game!
I've been waiting for this since I got disappointed in Silent Hunter 2 (SH1 was better I think)
I hope the UBI dev-team reads this forum and collect good ideas to future patches

In Silent Hunter 1 you could read the depths on the "map" (optional), I cant find this in SH3...
If I had my own fleet of U-boots during WW2 I would make sure they had some proper sea charts with them! Please add this in a patch asap

I like the way I can control my crew, move them where I think they should be and reward them with medals and promotions. However... if I use the quick-keys to move crew to what should be best at the moment they all end up in the wrong compartment. Crew than need rest will be put on duty while rested sailors stay in their beds playing card (or whatever they do).
I would like to save my own crew-settings for each of the buttons. Also I would like to set up two-shifts with crew members with the same skill, and with the press of a button they switch places. (bed>work & work>bed)

Also there should be a way to put the entire crew to bed where they just happen to be at the moment if the sub is submerged to a certain depth and shut down all engines. After or during a destroyer escape every man is exhausted.
(Just watch Das Boot directors cut)

Since I am Swedish I use Swedish key settings in win. This makes SH3 impossible to play with key-commands due to diffrent layout.
Please add more keyboards or lock the commands to a certain physical key.
(I had to install US-English keymap and us it by default and restart the game to make quick-keys work)

Why cant I turn the hydrophones with the arrow-keys? (this was also better in SH1)
It sucks to click 1000 times with the mouse to fine-tune a sound.

btw... the copy-protection sucks! I have bought the game and I have to open+close my dvd before I start the game or the game wont find the disc!
All protection will be cracked anyway so just make very good games (like SH3) and people will buy them!
Hearts of Iron (1+2) is one example of games with no copy protection and people buy the games anyway just because they are good!

Thank you for your time