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    Ok finally I finished all the courtesan challenges and got Maria's dagger. So I ve got only one question left.

    Is this the dagger of Maria( Ezio's mother) or Maria Thorpe( Altair's Wife) it would make more sense if it where the latter since you carry Altair sword and its wife's weapon.
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    Maria Auditore. Maria Thorpe had a longsword.
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    Maria is his mom, no?

    I've never seen her weild any sort of dagger. On top of the fact that it's not even a new weapon for all the trouble of guild challenges, you're given a weapon we had in AC2.
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    Don´t be silly,

    for completing the guild quests of each guild you get a weapon bearing the leader´s name: Volpe's Bite (Longsword), Bartolomeo's Axe (great axe) and Maria's Dagger (a dagger, obviously). Maria is his mother who leads the courtisans.
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    Are the weapons equip able or are they just for decoration in the tiber island hideout. I heard that they are just decorations but can you equip them?!?
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    Ezio's sister leads them, not his mother. His mother obviously aids his sister though since she's usually found at the Rosia.

    Semi-Early Spoiler:
    Ezio got mad when she volunteered to take over the leadership of the Courtesan's because it meant his sister would run a brothel. She defended it saying she had ran Mario's business before.
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    It would be nice if we could use Maria Thorpes sword. For the 360 players at least, cause last time we couldn't use it at all

    I am still wondering how it played and how was the experience of using it early in the game.
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    Can you help me, i finished the game and now i am trying to get the extras stuff, i need only one thing to get maria´s dagger is killing 20 guards with the crossbow i need to kill 8 more but there is no place where i can find this guards standing with their arms cross, i tried to replay some missions but it doesnt add my killings to the list. where can i fin the guards? thank you.
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    As it turns out you do not need to find a gaurd with their arms crossed. I had posted something like that about a week ago. You only need to kill the french gaurds in blue, at the outposts throughout the antico district. They can be standing on the platforms, or guarding the entrances.

    I confirmed this by killing soldiers and checking the counts in the guild challenges area of the animus.

    I highly recommend replaying the "French Kiss" during sequence 6. If you say the count under guild challenges isn't going up while you play this mission then you're doing it wrong..

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks!!! it worked i replayed the french kiss and now i have all the weapons, i have the regular game so is there a chance? i can get the codex armour, i saw a pic and looks cool or is just for who bought the codex pack, also i am mexico and every time i go online to uplay it says that the shop is coming soon, i want to get the altair and young ezio skin, doesn´t anyone had get these skins, thank again.
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