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    I think a Blitzkrieg mod. is a great idea. However, I would suggest consulting a historian to clarify your facts/story line before you do.
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    So Just One louzy Arubian died in world war2 .
    The only reason why Arubians came to Holland was to rob old women and they still do , everyone knows that too !!!<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by SantaCruz_rule6:
    The dutch were traitors and (verraders) as you call it in dutch, everyone nows that.

    They would sing just like a stool pidgeon when they were interogated, the germnas would ask them were are the other (dutch) soldiers hiding and they would tell them.

    Here is example of a fellow Arubian his name was Boy Ecury, he went to Holland for educational reason when suddenly the war broke out. He served for Holland and that wasn't even his country.

    Then in 1944 he was captured by the germans and they asked him were are the other soldiers hiding and he replied "In the huis van mijn vader is er geen plaats voor verraders"
    Meaning "In the house of my father there is no place for traitors.And he was shot by the germans and died right there.

    Men like this are the real heroes, Im not saying all dutch were cowards but alot were.
    Rest in Pease Boy Ecury. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
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    WTF man you talking about people from curacao
    theire the ones that rob and steel.

    Theire not just one died you stupid ***** ***
    theire were a few more (Boy ecury better known), some of them had to stay in Aruba and protect theire because our refinery (lago) that supplied the allies with oil ,was attached buy german u-boat in 1942, but did not succeded only hitting boats that were stationed in the harbour.

    So be carefull when posting with out using you're brain properly. ok

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    santacruz, talking about using your brain, how about you start with learning some proper English?

    Either way, I suggest the Caribbean - Europe aggresive discussions be stopped, just don't add anything to the thread.

    Furthermore I'd like to know what the thoughts about this are and whether Marco has any plans on executing his ideas (with a group?)
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    Theire's nothing bad about my english,

    and besides its not even my language, you try to speak and wright in another language....

    I know 5 languages ok

    So use you're brain
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    i dont i remember at school i was tought french but i suck at it, i can barely speak englishj and im 100% uk...
    le plumee
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    Ca va ??? jai 16 ans jaime le sport et le musique i know french too
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