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    Heya everyone , I'm not sure if this game is still up to date with online play, but I'll ask anyway.

    Whenever i try to log on to the online play of BA2 i get a matchmaking error 'The service is very busy, please try again later.' After the first login screen.
    I wonder if theres a workaround/ explanation or anything about that, I'd love to play some missions over the net

    For info: I'm on win 7 64 bits.
    Thanks for reading/ answers in advance.
    Best regards!
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    I have reported this, since I am unaware of any issues at present with any servers - so I need to check.

    Can I ask that you also report the issue to Ubisoft support - in case it's something they can help you with.

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    I've got the same problem...
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    it says key is invalid for me. I use the key the game came with? WTF? idk, report, wait, see what happens I guess.
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